What do you think of this kitchen?

The most important room of the house!  That’s right!  Many people believe The Kitchen to be the heart of every home.

Isn’t the kitchen that place in the house where the family gathers around as they get together as a family?  You bet it is!

Whether it is morning coffee, eggs, and starting a day all together as a family or at the end of a long day when stories about the day are shared – the kitchen is where it all happens.

Does everyone realize that about 70% of all brand-new kitchens are a painted color?  Several years ago, most kitchen cabinets were one of several species of stained wood.  Your mom probably had Oak, or Maple, or perhaps Cherry.  Today the majority of cabinets have a painted finish.  Probably the most popular color is a soft off-white with greys or blues.

It is fascinating to watch styles of cabinetry shift.

With all the “stay-at-home” orders surrounding Corona Virus the importance of the kitchen has become even more important.  And, today’s kitchen is part of the Two-Story Colonial we have been talking about all week.

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