What is he doing?

And we are back with our daily blogs.  Sorry for the interruption, we know there is a loyal following that reads every day.

You will recall we saw footing and then concrete walls being poured, that was in our previous couple blog posts.

Today you are looking at the concrete wall just after the wooden forms have been removed.  Yes, the concrete is still in its curing stages.  The technician in the Tyvek suit is spraying that portion of the concrete wall that will be buried below ground, the compound he is spraying on the concrete is a waterproof membrane.  Obviously, the purpose of this material is to prevent any water from penetrating into the basement on the other side of the concrete wall.

This is a particularly good photograph as it clearly shows you how the poured concrete wall sits on top of the footings.

There are two major things to be completed:

First – around the outside of the footings PVC plastic pipe will be laid in a bed of crushed stone, these pipes are Footing Drains; they catch water and drain it away from the foundation so that your basement is dry.  We will discuss footing drains in a separate blog post.

Second – see the two rectangular holes in the wall towards the top?  Basement Hopper Windows need to be installed there.  These windows allow for natural light and ventilation into the basement.

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