What's the scoop with your garage?

The work on our Modular Home in Windsor County Vermont continues after the modules have been set on their permanent foundation.  Yesterday we looked at the front porch and today you see the framing for the three- car garage.

During construction of the foundation all of the concrete work was poured at one time.  That process creates a far stronger foundation as it is all tied or Pinned together.

With this project the decision was made to site-built the garage rather than have it come with the modules.  There are a lot of variables that contribute to making a good decision about garages.  In this job it made better sense to “stick-build” the garage on site.  Tomorrow we will show you a fully finished garage being delivered and set all at the same time with the modular home.

Vermont Modular Homes tries to provide our clients with thorough information so they can make an intelligent decision concerning the garage. 

Currently we have two projects under way, one with the garage coming from the factory and the other being built onsite.

How would you like your garage to be built?  Call us to start the conversation about your new home and garage.

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