When did Ranch Homes become popular?

Yesterday we started a series on Ranch Homes, often nicknamed America’s Home.  The Ranch house’s popularity exploded at the end of WW II and for the ensuing years The Ranch has been the one style of home that has been built more than any other style.

At the end of The War my father-in-law at the age of 18 started his own construction company and immediately plunged into the booming construction industry.  His company built only three types of homes.  He had a Ranch House, a Cape Cod, and a Two-Story colonial.

For almost twenty years he started five homes each week and sold five homes each week for a total of roughly 5,000 homes and every single one of those homes are still there.  They ran between 1,000 and 1,500 square feet of living space, each had a full basement, a garage, municipal water, municipal sewer, and most had one-half acre as their property.

An amazing thing was that throughout those many years every single home sold for the exact same amount.  Every Ranch, every Cape, and every two-story cost $12,000.

Not only did every home cost the same the vast majority were sold for cash.  Most did not have mortgages or a loan of any kind.  Most of the houses were sold to Veterans, all of whom had been at war and had no opportunity to spend their pay.  So, after years of soldering they had accumulated enough cash to buy their home.  I don’t mean they paid with a check, they paid with a paper bag full of cash and my mother-in-law was the business manager; she would write out the Bill of Sale, Deed, and give them the keys.  Many times the ex-soldiers moved into their new home that same day.

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