Will your son be helping?

Take a look at today’s photograph and you will see a kid’s toes playing in the sand with his “Big” excavator machine.  Obviously, he is helping dad start the site work for the new home.

Ok, so we started with a moment of levity.  Yes, the kids sincerely want to help with the new house project, they’d like to help with the excavator, perhaps the concrete guy needs help, maybe the carpenter will need help hammering nails, who knows he plumber could stand some help too, or for that matter the kids will help with everything.

But, more seriously, you new home project starts with “The Excavator Guy” whose very first job is to build the driveway so that everyone from the first day until completion will be able to access the property and do their part.

Ask your neighbors, family members, part of the staff at Vermont Modular, or any trusted associate of yours who would be a good excavator.  Try to lean on recommendations and check out his work carefully.  Once you have found a good excavator it is time to start moving forward.

Any of the Vermont Modular’s staff can help you with foundation drawings.  Yes, we will provide you with all the necessary drawings and specifications.

Be very sure to check with all of your appropriate local officials.  Rules and regulations vary widely within the area that we deliver homes.  For example, over in New York State you will need an Engineered Drawing and Plans for the foundation.  Whereas here in Vermont that Engineering step is not required, this places a greater sense of responsibility on the shoulders of the local excavator.

And lastly, don’t forget there is a Red plastic machine with a Blue bucket that is always ready to help out his dad.

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