Work is already underway

Every new modular home, like the one we delivered last week, needs skilled craftsmen to finish parts of the home after it is set on its permanent foundation.

For the next couple days we will walk through the various parts of what needs to be completed.  One of the more visible aspects of the work is that performed by skilled carpenters who will:

  • Install the remainder of the siding.  At the plant we will install as much of the siding as possible and it does vary from house style to house style.  Also, there are two options for siding.  The most popular and without a doubt the least expensive is vinyl siding.  Did you know vinyl siding is available in a wide range of styles and colors?  Today’s modern vinyl siding is not your grandpa’s siding!
  • Build a set of stairs to the basement, whether they be basic cellar stairs or a finished staircase to “the lower level family room.”
  • Install one or two doors that happen to be in the common wall between the halves of the home.  Obviously, this varies greatly as no two homes are the same.  Remember, every home is 100% Custom Built.
  • Build Entry/Exit stairs.  Steps at the front door are apt to be grander than at the back door.  Your carpenter/builder will build and install whatever you want.
  • Build and install custom decks and/or porches that reflect exactly what you would like on your new home.  Where does The Grill go?
  • Here are a couple other things for you to consider:
    • Garage?  Either built by Vermont Modular or locally.
    • Gazebo?  This is a great place to while away the summer months
    • Storage Shed?  Sheds are a great asset in the back yard.
    • 3-Season Sun Room?  Do you know Vermont Modular deals with Sun Rooms?
    • Imagination – this is where you put your ideas to work…

This is a great time to be planning your new home.  Call us at (802) 985-5855

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