Would you like our help?

Here at Vermont Modular we are trying to be very respectful of our role in Social Distancing and at the same time stay open for business so that when everything returns to normal your dreams of a new home will have progressed smoothly.

Effective immediately all of our New Home Contacts will happen On-Line.  We will do our part to accommodate your schedules.  For example: if you are only available in the evening then we will “meet-you” on-line in the evening.

When the COVID-19 virus subsides wouldn’t it be nice to have made progress on the drawings for your new home?  We can easily help you design your new home using our advanced CAD software that allows us to generate exact drawings.

Today’s photograph shows a preliminary drawing for a medium size Ranch Home that was built in Southern Vermont. 

We can easily create the drawings on-line where you are in the comfort of your home and we are here in our offices.  It is a terrific use of technology to help us accomplish several things:

  • Social Distancing and our part to slow down the spread of COVID-19
  • Create a drawing of your Vermont Dream home.
  • Design Service is Free of Charge!

Putting together an exact price for your new home is also easy.

Give us a call to start the conversation about your new home.  (802) 985-5855

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