Yes, we are open

We sure hope everyone is healthy on this chilly winter-like day here in Northern Vermont.  Our offices are open and ready to help you put together plans for Your New Home.  There is one minor catch………….., although we are open for Design Help we are not open for clients to stop in and visit.  From now until April something we are closed to honor the Social Distancing needed because of the Corona Virus.

Take a look at today’s photograph; this is a preliminary drawing that we have put together for a client.  The very cool thing is that our Design Help is being done electronically and all that typically follows this routine:

  • First – preliminary phone call where ideas are shared with us so that we can help you put together your new home’s floor-plan.
  • Second – we will work with you and put together a floor plan Computer Aided Drawing (CAD).
  • Third and more – we work with you as many times as it takes to revise and update your drawing until it is exactly the way you want.  This portion of the process can move along quickly or be more leisurely, it is up to you.
  • Fourth – we will submit to you a detailed price quote for your new home based on the CAD we have done together.  This will be an exact price; not an estimate but a “to the penny” guaranteed price you’re your new CUSTOM home.
  • Who knows – from this point forward is up to you and we will stay with you as long as you want.

Our Professional Fee – we work with you as long as you want to design your new home and our services are Free of Charge.

Call us today to start the conversation about your new home  (802) 985-5855

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