Yikes, it was cold!

The other day we showed you pictures of a house being town down and today’s photograph is the same job site.  Obviously, we cannot say it’s the same house because you saw all the rubble in the other photo that was once a house.

Today you are looking at a cellar hole that has been dug and foundation forms are in place.  These forms are what holds the liquid cement in place as it cures and hardens.  Typically, the forms are removed from the “green concrete” the very next day.  Then the concrete should set out in the air and cure for at least a week.

Did you know that concrete generates its own heat as it cures?  There is a chemical reaction going on that generates heat that under most circumstances will keep the cement from freezing during the winter.

Yes, I know this morning at my home it was 1 degree.  That is whapping one degree above zero.  Or,,,,,,,,,,,,, it was really really cold!  But the forecast for tonight is a low of minus two degrees.  Ouch, it is getting even colder.  And I am very aware there are corners of the state that it will be significantly colder than here in The Champlain Valley.

Pouring concrete in the depths of winter is a challenge but it can be done and honestly, it is done all winter long.

Isn’t this a good time to sit by the fire and discuss building your new home?

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