Yikes, what's going on here?

When you build a new home there are numerous Infrastructure items that absolutely must be properly done. 

In today’s photograph you see a series of Tanks and Pipes that after they are properly installed and connected together will be buried and basically for ever will remain out of sight.  I’ll bet that many of our readers do not know what all this is.

You are looking at a series of tanks and inside one of the tanks are several pumps, switches, and alarms.  All this is only a portion of a Septic System.

Look carefully and you will see there are two large concrete tanks, one in the foreground and the second in the background of the picture.

Raw sewage or affluent enters the tank in the background where solids decay and the bacteria living in the tanks is disposing of the sewage.  The solids sink to the bottom and affluent flows over into the second tank whereupon it is pumped several hundred yards away to the leach field.  In the leach field that liquid affluent percolates into the earth and evaporates into the atmosphere.

The green lids on top of the tanks provide access to the tanks for proper maintenance and usually these green lids are at the same level as the grass.  The lids are painted green so they blend into the lawn so as not to be seen.

All this is critically important but not something you would like to think about.

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