Is your home tired?

Yesterday we talked about starting a project and how it begins with the arrival of The Excavator who will build the driveway as the very first part of the job.  That is a typical start for a new residential home.  Almost always the new home will be built as the first house there. 

Take a look at today’s photograph.  Instead of starting a new home we are tearing down a home whose useful life has ended.  Not a lot but occasionally we are involved in a project where an existing house needs to be eliminated, a new space needs to be created.

This house was in Addison County and had served is people for many years and done it well.  However, like so many vacation homes it was outdated, in need of too much repair, and the sensible thing was to tear it down.  The debris of the home is then trucked off to the landfill but not until all of its useful parts were salvaged and repurposed.

The total demolition portion of the project is usually finished within a couple days, then he building lot is clear whereupon a new basement is dug, and a foundation poured.

This house was torn down late in the fall and the concrete foundation was poured in the winter; yes it is possible to pour concrete in the winter!

How can we help you build your new home?

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