Your new modular will sit and wait also

Just yesterday we saw our Two-Story Colonial home being built in the plant and here it is in northern Vermont sitting on the edge of the field waiting for the Crane to arrive in the morning.  Whereupon the Set Crew will “gently place” the modules on their permanent foundation.  Occasionally someone will say “drop the modules” on the foundation.  NO, NO!  We only Gently Place them on the foundation, we go out of our way to provide you with a spectacular job and a home that will serve you well through its projected life of 100+ years.

Here's an overview of what the set crew will do at your job site:

  • With the crane all of the modules will be hoisted up on the foundation and very accurately set in place.  It all starts with the first module, then the second, third, and with this house all four modules.
  • We bolt all of the component parts together
  • We will install the lally columns in the basement, these are the steel posts that support the weight of the house.
  • 100% finish the roof so it is weather tight

Now the house is ready to be finished by your General Contractor.  And, within a very few weeks you will be living in your new home.

Choosing a Two-Story Colonial home is an exciting adventure.  The variations of design and style all greatly play in making your new home exactly what you want.

You Will LOVE your new home!  Your new home will be exactly the way you ordered it.

Call us to start the conversation.  (802) 985-5855

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