Yup! It's another delivery

For a couple weeks now we have been looking at Ranch Style Homes and today you are looking at a fairly large Ranch Home as it is being delivered.  This particular home from the very front bumper of the truck to the tail-lights was about eighty five feet long.  That is one very large truck coming down the highway.  But when it gets into a driveway it seems even larger.

The driveway seems to get smaller when there is snow on the ground.  Does this driveway situation seem snug to you?  The driver of the truck said it was a relatively easy delivery, but the homeowners were anxiously watching as the huge truck carrying their new home wound it way down the driveway and on to the house site.  Everything went smoothly and as we speak the family is happily living in their new home.

Vermont Modular was particularly please to be a part of this project for a wonderful family here in northern Vermont.  It is our plan to be doing a photo shoot at the house and let you see what can be done with imagination and thorough planning.

Is it time to start the conversation about your new home?

YES, we can have you in your new home this fall/winter.

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