Yup, we can help with your design!

As you sit by the fire drinking your coffee and talking with your partner about the home you envision for you and your family please don’t forget that Vermont Modular offers a design service for you.  We are not architects nor are we professional designers.  However, after helping families for twenty-nine years we’ve developed a keen perspective for design and layout of new homes.

Yes, we are aware of the most popular trending elements of a contemporary design.  As you are very aware the design and layout for a family becomes a reflection of the people involved. 

For example, many families will tell you the most important room in the house is the kitchen.  So, what are the trending designs associated with kitchens?  Did you know that about 70% of all kitchen cabinets are now painted a color?  Go back in time, not a great length of time and you will find that the vast majority of cabinets displayed stained wood and not painted.  Of course, stained cabinetry is still very beautiful.  I guess it all depends on how “current” you want to be or are you a traditionalist?

Then there are the four major areas of a home that are critical to design:

  • First – kitchens.  A beautiful kitchen will greatly enhance the value and beauty of a home!
  • Second – bathrooms are extremely important to prospective homeowners
  • Third - Floor coverings, what you walk around on impacts the beauty and appeal of every home.
  • Fourth - Lighting has such a huge impact of ambiance and comfort in a home.

All of us here at Vermont Modular understand and will gladly help you design and layout your new home!  Our brand-new design center is open and has the technology to assist you create the perfect design.

Call us for no-charge assistance!  (802) 985-5855

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