The house set continues

And now back to our blog posts, please accept our apology for the hiatus from daily writing.

We were talking about the delivery and set of this handsome Ranch House in Addison County Vermont.

Today’s photograph shows you the crane hoisting some of the parts for assembly.  That triangular piece the crane is lifting will become part of the Gable End. Tomorrow you will be able to see the house even more complete.

Today’s picture shows this house about 2:00 in the afternoon of day ONE.  And you thought putting a modular home together was a lengthy project.  Well, one of the major advantages of modular construction is the speed that everything comes together.

Did you know that normally an entire project from the very beginning until the owners are living in their new home is roughly three months.  Day one is when the excavator shows up to build the driveway and then three-ish months later you are moving into your new home.  Try that with a site-built home.

Oh come on, wouldn’t you rather have a modular!  Call us today to start planning your new home.  Winter is the perfect time to plan; you have lots of time.

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