How about Mold

Last week we started a series of Blog Posts that deal with Trending Concepts in residential design.  Continuing today with a new emphasis that is being placed on keeping a home Healthy.  Do ya think that COVID and The Pandemic might have had an impact on this Trending idea?

Do you realize that every time a home is built to be more and more Energy Efficient it means the house is built so much tighter?  Today’s Energy Efficient Homes from Vermont Modular are probably one of Vermont’s most efficient homes and we are very proud of our accomplishments!

The draw back is that as our homes become tighter and tighter the need for Fresh Air is more important.  Some builders are silly and say, “….a house needs to breath” so it can get fresh air.  That is wrong!  People breath houses do not!  A house that breathes is a house that is rapidly losing heat and wastefully squandering energy.

EVERY home from Vermont Modular comes with a Heat Recovery Ventilation System so that the air is your new home is not promoting the growth of mold and mildew.  Both Mold and Mildew are extremely NOT HEALTHY and will impact your respiratory health.

The Heat Recovery Ventilator a.k.a. HRV is an integral part of every home from Vermont Modular and will keep your new home free from MOLD and smelling just like spring all year long.

Wouldn’t you rather have a Modular from us?

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