How about new Theories in design !

Today let’s look at a Trending Concept that is quite new.  For the past fifteen to twenty years the over-riding concept that is very popular is the Open Concept layout in a new home.  This is where the view from the kitchen is unobstructed on into the dining room and living room.  The idea is that it creates a feel where the family is all together.

Many factors are now causing families to re-think basic design tenants within their new home.  COVID has had a huge impact on how families conduct their daily routine.  Mom and Dad are working at home far more than in the past and honestly, they see this as a trend that is going to continue.  The majority of the kids are going to school virtually via Zoom.  It was only a short time ago when none of us even knew what Zoom was and now it is in our lives all the time.

Back to home design!  The Open Concept has a new friend and it is called The Separate area; that space set aside where the home office can be along with a place set aside for the kids to do their school work. 

This new space is not part of the Open Concept, it is a new Trending concept to have a separate space somewhat removed from the entire family where a quite space is needed both for mom and dad along with The Kids.

Home design is not a stagnant thing, it evolves and changes.  Are you aware of the latest trends?

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