How about a tour for you

Currently we have a duplex in the midst of production at the plant.  So the other day yours truly met the homeowners at the plant and we went for a tour and inspected the progress.  I thought you might like to come along.

In today’s photograph you see Jason on the right explaining to the homeowners on the left what they are looking at.  The owner of the duplex brought along his future tenants so they could see as well.

The right-hand picture is of the living room in one of the two apartments.  Yes, there is a bunch of work left to do but since all this construction is taking place inside the factory away from the rain, snow, and harsh weather  - it will move along quickly.

When homes are built inside with all kinds of proper scheduling there is never a halt in work waiting for The Lumber Yard to deliver materials, everything is right there waiting to become a part of this brand-new home.

And you thought it was almost impossible to build a home in the throws of winter!  Well that is not so when we are talking about a modular home.  Wouldn’t you rather have a modular?

Give us a call to start the conversation about your new home.  By the way, how come you haven’t already called?  We would love to hear from you.

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