How do Thermal Bridges work?

Work on our Addison Country Ranch House continues.

Just the other day we watched gable end panels being installed, look carefully at the end of the house near the Mud Room extension and you will see that the panels you looked at the other day are now fully installed.

By the way, see how the entire gable end of the house is a Dark Grey color?  You are looking at a 1½” layer of Rigid Foam that is on The Outside of the house.  The exterior walls have 6” of Roxul Rock-Wool insulation and then the 1½” of Continuous Foam on the outside of the house.

The exterior foam acts as a Thermal Barrier to heat loss and it greatly controls exactly where The Dew Point will fall within the exterior wall; yes that is controlling moisture concentrations and condensation.

HOW ABOUT AN EXPLAINATION?  Would you like to find out about Continuous Insulation, Thermal Bridges, Thermal Barriers, and the Dew Point?

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