How's this for a commute?

Throughout this week we will be looking at several Trends that are currently going on in the residential home building industry.  We hope this will help you in your search for a new home and a new builder.

With the advent of COVID so many people are now working from home it makes less and less sense to live as close as you can to your work site.  Here at Vermont Modular we constantly talk with folks that have transitioned to “Working at Home.”  So during the winter as they search for the perfect property to build they are looking further and further from “the office.”

For some people working at home is a great opportunity to not waste time commuting to and from work.  We have folks building in northern Vermont, yet their traditional place of employment is downtown Boston, hundreds of miles away.  A couple clients have mentioned they only go “to work” once a month the rest is all done from the home office.  Being close to the traditional office has become so much less important.

As builders, all of us at Vermont Modular are very familiar with building “out-in-he-country.”

It seems as though people are building their dream home where they really want to live rather than it juxtaposition to their traditional work place.

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