Pizza anyone?

Across America there are outstanding Trending Aspects of home building.  So today let’s look at one of a couple “Must Have” features in a new home.  These are the things that prospective home building families Must Have incorporated in their new home.

Because the Kitchen is seen as the most important room in the house it logically follows that High-End kitchens are at the top of the list for things in great demand.  The most important spot is the Home Office but immediately after that comes the kitchen.  What has changed is the demand for High-End kitchen; and that means Expensive Options are widely included.  For example have you thought about :

  • A Pizza Oven
  • All new appliances including Wi-Fi connected refrigerators and ranges
  • Solid Surface counter tops are all the rage and in high demand, regardless of the cost!  This includes a variety of natural or Man-Made Stone counter tops.

I was thrilled with the Pizza Oven idea.  After all, who doesn’t love pizza.  Did you see your favorite?

Remember the other day we talked about Outdoor living spaces that are close to the kitchen.  See how it all ties in together!

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