Ready and waiting

Slight change of pace for today.  We thought you might like to see the foundation for our next home to be delivered the first part of February.  The other day we took you along on a tour of the factory with our homeowners as they examined their home being built. 

While the home is being built in the factory the Poured Reinforced Concrete Foundation was dug, poured, water-proofed, and backfilled.  All in preparation for the delivery of the home.

This foundation is very typical of all concrete foundations and was completed in December to avoid the bitter cold.

And you thought homes couldn’t be built during the winter!  That is a silly thought.  Obviously, this home is all prepared and will be good to go very shortly.  YES, we will keep you posted with the delivery and set when it happens. 

Stay tuned, you don’t want to miss all the excitement!

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