Should I turn the lights off?

As part of our Trending Concepts in residential housing we thought we’d share with thoughts about LED lighting.

Remember back when bulbs were rated in Watts.  There were 100 watt and 60 watt and so on sizes of bulbs.  We all knew how much light would come from a 100 w. bulb.  Today light is measured in Lumens and for all our avid football fans we are not talking about Lumen Field, home of The Seattle Seahawks.

Today we are talking about LED Light Bulbs and the huge trend if housing is how quickly these bulbs have become ubiquitous.  For a while there everyone migrated to the CFL bulbs, but they seem to have quickly fell into disfavor because they contain small amounts of Lead and that caused problems on how to properly dispose of them without causing an environmental problem.

The LED bulbs create light with far less energy (that’s very good) and burn far cooler (that also is very good)  and seem to last forever.  LED lighting will easily last for years.

Somewhere in every home from Vermont Modular we incorporate LED lighting as part of our trying to be an environmentally responsible business.

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