Stay at home or go on vacation?

Running around the internet is a fabulous new word – Homecation and that is combination of HOME and Vacation.  Or in other words it is when people decide to stay at home and make that time into their vacation.  I often wonder if the people who make up these new words have nothing better to do that make new words.  Oh well……..

All the money that is saved by not traveling off to a resort or exotic spa can more easily be spend on amenities that are at home.  We are talking about not buying hotels, meals in restaurants, travel, and so on.  That can all quickly add up into a lot of cash. 

So, instead take that cash/money and send it on home bound amenities creating the exotic spa right in your own home.  Did you know there are Coffee Machines that cost a fortune but can create the same feel you get at your local Coffee Shop.  Or have you thought of a gourmet kitchen that will allow you to recreate those exotic but expensive means right at home.

Sound exciting ?.  Right?  So how come you haven’t called us to start designing your new home?  Our Design Center is ready for you.

Are you familiar with Zoom?  We could easily have a Zoom meeting.  Call us at (802) 985-5855 so we can start the conversation about your new home. 

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