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Another rapidly becoming a very popular type of Residential Construction is the “Build to Rent” concept. 

This is where a builder or developer or any private individual will build a multi-family home with the idea of only renting it out.  The owner really never has the intent of living in that building.

Currently we have in production a Duplex that fits this plan.

As everyone knows rents across the country have skyrocketed upwards and that makes for a profitable type of new home.  A multi-family home where the owner lives somewhere else and built the home with the Sole Purpose of renting it out.

There are also business-people who are building affordable single family homes again with the sole idea of renting it to tenants.

YES, Vermont Modular Homes builds Multi-Family buildings.  We have a bunch of Duplex homes all across Vermont along with a couple apartment buildings.  All of these ventures have been wildly successful financial ventures for the owners.

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