What do the kids think?

We have been talking about Sought-After Trends in the world of single-family homes and today you are looking at a young man attending a Zoom Meeting on his computer.  The likelihood of him in the middle of “Going to School” is overwhelming!

There are more kids going to school via Zoom and actually sitting in a classroom.  Yup, it is true.  So each new home being designed and built needs to have that special space where kids can have quiet and an element of privacy as they do their school-work.

The whole concept of a special space reserved form school-work is almost the exact opposite of the Open Space Concept that has dominated home design for several decades now.

Both the kids need this separate space for school-work along with Mom and Dad who need a space for their Home Office.

The school space and home office space have become The MOST important features in a design build situation.

Do you have school age kids?

Do you need a Home Office?

Give us a call (802) 985-5855 here at The Design Center, we will help you design a home that includes those features you need.

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