What is your favorite COLOR ?

And on this Friday we continue with our series on Home Style Trends.

We are sure all of you have noticed that in recent years the COLORs of white and all sorts of grey have dominated the color schemes in new homes.  In the kitchen the overwhelming color was white cabinetry with mostly white counter tops.  And, in the living room areas of the house the overwhelming color was one of many shades of grey.

As is so often the case the most popular styles will take a major hit and become “oh so yesterday!”  It seems as though in late 2020 popularity of colors shifted dramatically and so very quickly.

Now in 2021 the biggest trending colors are darker shades and tones along with those colors that are deeper toned.  It now appears that DARK greens, eggplant, and YES even the deepest of all colors, BLACK. 

Yup, black is extremely popular.  Kitchen cabinets and especially kitchen counter tops are being dominated with black.

And in the living room a black accent wall is wildly popular.

How about that for a violent and exciting change in favorites.  See how much Trending Concepts are very exciting.

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