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Each day, well most days, we write a blog that talks about all kinds of things dealing with a family’s home. We talk about energy, construction, windows, appliances, trending amenities, floor coverings, cabinetry, insulation, roofing, HVAC, Heat Recovery Ventilators, Cold Climate Heat Pumps, and the most fun is when we write something where the idea came from you. Please let us know what you want to read about concerning your new home whether it is a modular, stick-built, log, or whatever type of construction. We look at our blog as the place where we can talk directly with you.

September 2014


Last Thursday and Friday we had a big ranch home delivered in southern Vermont; a total of seven modules arrived and the last compon

New Home

In today's blog we are sharing with you the first of many photographs associated with a big ranch house that will be delivered this


Today we are suggesting as a memorial for 9/11 that we focus on the heroes of that awful day; the first responders, the firemen, and

August 2014


Again it is a fantastic Summer Day here in northern Vermont, the sun is shining, the water is just right for swimming, and there's a

Sill Plates

We have talked about pouring a foundation, water proofing a foundation, back-filling the foundation, and today we will show you that


Our last blog was about waterproofing the foundation, we showed you the material being sprayed on the outside of the concrete.