Curious what your home could look like?

We explore some of our popular house styles and design / layout options here.

Value is the name of the game with this home

The Caledonia House with roughly 2,000 square feet of living space can cost the better part of $20,000 LESS than a Ranch House because you are building up not out.

Amazing Comfort meets Elegant Design

The Brookfield House is perfect for your family needs, boasting 1,474 square feet of living space, you will truly feel at home here.

Spacious and Classic

The Brighton Colonial Home has roughly 2,000 square feet of living space on two floors.  Standard with 3 bedrooms, this is definitely worth the look.

Comfort with room to grow

The Windham House comes in at just under $75/sq foot of living space.  Representing amazing value, this 3 bedroom home will turn heads at your next home social gathering.

Building Out isn't always a bad thing!

The Montpelier Ranch comes in at 1,172 square feet of living space, with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  Download a drawing today.

The Quintessential Vermont Home

The Cape Cod style home is one of the most distinct looking homes we build.  Inspired by the New England countryside feel, you will find the images and ideas with this PDF invigorating to read.

Super Energy Efficient with Options

The Hemlock Hill is a very popular option that many home owners start with and work from.  It is perfect for entertaining guests, as well as enjoying quiet time with the family.  Pictures, drawings, and options are listed in this informational PDF.

Vacation home or retirement?

The Banff has been built all over the state of Vermont by several of our clients.  The appeal of the Banff being the size, look and feel; this truly is an amazing home.

Vacation has never felt so good!

The Trailhead is one of our most unique homes; just perfect as a vacation retreat or a spectacular home looking out at the grand views of wherever you decide to build.  Pictures and sample drawings included in this informational PDF.  Updated July 2018!

The Definition of Bliss

The Addison Cape Cod style home is pure beauty.  Featuring 2200± square feet of living space, and incorporating package C in the build process, this home is perfect for the growing family and starting families alike.

Amazingly Cozy Home with a lot to offer

The John Alden House is perfect for your starting family home, providing a great living space at 1,474 square feet, you will call this home.