Information on The Process

The Process of building a home from start to finish.

Read This First

Our updates: Find out all the new happenings at Vermont Modular in this informational PDF.  This could include the weekly sale, bargin, or other offers, as well as everything we have been up the last week or two.  It's also a good idea of where we are going, and will give you indications of pricing increases, or other factors that may impact when you purchase your new home.  Well worth the read!

Quality without sacrificing Integrity

Our Ethics guide us in our day to day business practices.  Please feel free to check out our values and beliefs in this informational PDF.

Custom homes from factory to foundation

Ever wonder where Modular Homes come from?  This informational PDF will give you insight into the factory, the engineers, and what happens at the location where your home will be build.

The process of building a home can be daunting

Get an idea of what we do with this informational PDF.  You should have a feel for what services we provide by the end of this PDF.

Some things to consider when building Modular Homes

Throughout this process we attempt to be as transparent as possible.  Part of that process is letting you know what exactly you need to do after your new house comes.

Why exactly you should think Modular Homes

Every Build Process has unique upsides and downsides.  We explain why Modular Homes are a good choice for you.

So a Modular Home it is - Now what do you tell the bank?

What do I tell the bank?  This question has been asked quite often, and we have some recommendations to make it easier for you to plan your home financing.

On-Site Finish Work

Curious What's Left To Do? This PDF will show you what you need to have done after your house is delivered and set on the foundation.