Vermont Modular Homes can build in your location, too!

In a world where everything is digital, from your watch to your phone, there still does comes a time when geographic location plays a role.  When considering Vermont Modular Homes as your next home builder, something very useful to know is if we can actually deliver a home to your location.  Chances are overwhelming that if you came to this website, Vermont Modular Homes can build and deliver your home to you.  For those that are looking to refine exactly where we build, the answer may be thrilling.  The short answer to "do you build in my location" and "can you deliver a home to..." is yes.

There are some realistic expectations on geographical location, though.  While our name is Vermont Modular Homes, this does not limit us to Vermont.  We have in the past delivered to all parts of Vermont, the North Country of New York, and even Maine!  Does this mean we will deliver to Florida?  Well, probably not - but don't run away just yet.  A good amount of our clients are actually living in Florida, Virginia, and other warm spots that make people in Vermont jealous during the winter months.  And a good deal of them are native Vermont residences looking to build either a second home back up North, or build a smaller new home in the area.

A general guideline to keep in mind as far as location is concerned is:  how far away from Vermont Modular Homes are you?  If you want to build in Washington state, it may not prove practical to have a home delivered across the country.  Remember, a modular home is built in the factory, away from the elements.  From the factory, your home needs to be delivered; so there is a good chance that you are along the route between Vermont Modular Homes and the factory where the home is built.

We can, and will, deliver homes throughout all of Vermont, most of New York State, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Maine, and even Delaware  Some of these locations may present technical issues which we will be happy to discuss with you on an individual basis.  Feel free to contact us for more information, or to start the build process of your new home.  How can we help you today?