The Brookview Cape

  • 18 Jan, 2011

Project Description

The Brookview Cape was delivered as an “Expandable Cape” meaning that the second floor of this home was finished on-site by the homeowner. The significant advantage of this style home is huge potential financial savings for the homeowner. Over our twenty-five years of delivering homes, this Expandable Cape has proven to be our number one most-popular home and for obvious reasons – the Brookview Cape represents probably our greatest value! Also, this individual home is very unique in that it has as its insulation throughout nothing but spray foam making it probably our most energy efficient home. So, the Brookview Cape is a great value, super energy efficient, and has a full three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a home office. Don’t forget the gourmet kitchen and dining area right off the living room. Fantastic home!
  • Skills:

    • Construction
    • Modular Building
    • Cape Style Home
    • Expandable Cape
  • Client: