The Town Line Cape

  • 20 May, 1991

Project Description

Of all the homes we have built The Town Line Cape is probably the most unique and special to us! This was the very first home we ever delivered and as a result has always been very special. This adorable Cape Cod style home was built off a tiny picture that came from the classified ads in the newspaper. We were told, “….I want a Cape with a front porch across the front, just like in the picture. Can you do that?” That was twenty-five years ago and there she stands. We think it is adorable! It has been sold several times since we built it but every time we drive by it looks just great. Modular Homes are truly built to last. By the way, who reads the classified ads any more?
  • Skills:

    • Construction
    • Modular Building
    • Cape Style Home
  • Client:

    Build Number One