Everyone has one of these

Some things are easy to see, and others are difficult especially when we are talking about Cold Air Penetration.  Let’s face it, trying to see air penetrate can be problematic.  However, sometimes it is fairly easy to see how the air is able to move from point A to point B.

How important was heat loss?

Throughout our blog posts we are constantly talking about Heat Loss and how very important it is.  The more heat you loose from your home the more money it costs you and the more fossil fuel you burn.  Losing money isn’t a good idea and contributing to Global Warming is for sure not a good idea.  Losing money is the same as foolishly wasting money, that’s fairly dumb.  Contributing to Global Warming is irresponsible!

The next in our series about design ideas

So far we have talked about Bathrooms and Kitchens and how significant they are to make your new home standout as a uniquely beautiful home.

Today let’s take a look at Floor Coverings.  Here’s an area that will go into every room of your new home.  By the way, do you like today’s photograph?  The puppy (all puppies are cute) is sitting on what looks like hardwood floors.  Here is a brief and quick overview of types of floor coverings:

Knock first then lets look inside the bathroom

Yesterday we talked about the kitchen and how it is so important in a home to make the entire home sparkle.  In addition to kitchens, the bathroom(s) are another area where everyone hopes for spectacular quality.

There are so many things to consider when designing a bathroom, especially if you want it to be a focal point of your home if you are in Rochester or Roxbury Vermont, you will want your bathroom to be fantastic.

How about all those really great ideas!

For the next several days we thought it might be a good idea to talk about what is trending in home design.  What are the various features that are available?  Oh, sure we all know about hard-wood floors and granite counter tops.  But, how about some of the things that are out there as being very cool.  We thought it might be fun to take a trip through trending and inspirational ideas.

So, what’s NOT to do?

We get a lot of calls and inquiries about building a new home and it seems as though many must first sell their existing home.  Granted, today here in Vermont it is most definitely a “Sellers’ Market” but it is to your advantage to sell your home for Top-Dollar so that you can move on to your new home.  Right?

So here are a couple things that we are going to suggest you do NOT DO: