More of our new Colonial Home

Earlier this week we introduced you to our new Colonial Home, The Wyoming Colonial.  If you go back in our blog posts you can see the layout for the first and second floor of this handsome four-bedroom, three full bathroom, colonial home.

Today you can see exactly how the exterior of the home will look.

Let’s take a tour of our new Colonial Home.

Yesterday we introduced you to The Wyoming Colonial Home, a four-bedroom, three full bathroom home that is just perfect for a big family.  Yesterday we “walked around” the first floor with its Open Concept.  On Facebook we have a bunch of favorable comments from folks that liked the layout.

This Two-Story Colonial has 2, 323 square feet of living space; it is not a Tiny-House, yet it is not so big as to qualify as a McMansion.  By the way, those huge homes seem to have gone out of style.

A Brand New Colonial Design, just for you.

The other day we mentioned that we will be introducing a NEW design, a NEW home that will be featured in our Portfolio.  Take a look at today’s Custom Design layout for a nice size Two-Story Colonial Home.

Today’s photograph shows you the layout for the first floor and tomorrow we will offer up the second floor.  Let’s take a look:

Critically important for Seniors!

This past weekend was Commencement Exercises here at UVM, the local schools are getting ready to close for the summer, families are getting the kids ready for camp, and it seems as though everyone is planning their vacation. 

Most of our readers are busy with all sorts of family obligations so, for the next couple weeks or so we will be talking to our Senior Friends, actually they are my soul-mate.

A brand-new bathroom

This bathroom is in one of our most recent homes from Vermont Modular.  This design for a bathroom is often called a “Hall Bath.”  Typically, this is not the master bathroom but rather a full-bath that is primarily for “the kids” to use.  Having a second full bathroom saves the Master Bath as a private bathroom for the owners only.

And now the project is finished!

Earlier today on a beautiful sunny afternoon everyone gathered to celebrate the completion of another modular home project.

Right here in northern Vermont, Chittenden County to be specific, today was a fun afternoon to celebrate with the homeowners, the finish crew, and folks from Vermont Modular.  We had great pizza from a local wood-fired pizza spot along with Vermont Craft beers.