America's favorite home, The Ranch House

Today’s photograph will bring to an end the series we have done on our Addison County Ranch House.  Later, probably in the spring, we will go back to do a full photo shoot and share with you the progress.

In today’s picture you can see that the vast majority of the exterior has been completed yet there are two major parts yet to be done.

Open Concept Ranch House

Today’s photograph, here in August, was taken last winter as this handsome Ranch House here in Chittenden County was set on its permanent foundation.

You have seen this home before; we talk about it a lot as it is such a gorgeous home on an incredible spot of land.  The other day I drove past this home and all the trees are obviously all leafed out in brilliant greens.  The house blends into the woods beautifully and across the front is the expansive deck/porch that is being used a lot this summer.  I can almost smell the burgers.

Talk about a big house!

A couple days ago we had a great reaction to The Heritage House introduction.  Today take a look at The Burlington Colonial.  For all of our loyal readers let’s figure out which Burlington this home is named after.  There is Burlington Vermont and Burlington Massachusetts and then there is Burlington Ontario.

Today’s Burlington Colonial home is named after Burlington Ontario.  That is a surprise!  

This is the one you liked!

The other day we featured an exterior photograph of a particularly beautiful Ranch House.  Evidently you liked it because we received several inquiries and comments about how beautiful and popular it was.

So……, look at today’s floor plan.  This is the inside of that same Ranch House.  Here’s what you are looking at:

Awesome value

Today we are going to continue our look at Cape Cod Style homes and introduce you to The Franklin Cape Cod.

Take a look at today’s drawing for this smaller Cape.  If you are looking for the perfect starter home, a wonderful vacation home, or all you Snowbirds needing a smaller home for your Vermont Time….., then look no further this is exactly what you have been looking for.

The first floor includes:

Heat Pump

We have talked all week about our ADU, the small accessory home for mom or dad or even better both mom and dad.  The ADU we’ve been talking about is a whopping 780 Square Feet of living space, enough for two bedrooms, a full bathroom, kitchen, and living room.  It really is an adorable home.

We are thinking that mom and dad would like to have their new Accessory Dwelling be affordable and Energy Efficient.  This new home has:

What do you know about Ranch Homes?

We have repeatedly mentioned that back in the 1920’s there was a lot of interest in “Kit Homes” that people bought from Retail Store Catalogues.  Sears is probably the most widely known for selling these homes that were all precut so that construction on-site would be quick and something that the owner could “easily” put together themselves.  The definition of “Easily” was certainly up for discussion.

How about a new house!

Every time we introduce a new home design it generates a lot of activity.  So, how about we take a look at a new design from Vermont Modular Homes!

Take a look at today’s photograph and allow me to introduce you to The Barrington House Ranch.  In this classic American Ranch home, there are two bedrooms for The Kids and their own bathroom.  Then on the other end of the house is the Master Suite with a full Private Bath and walk-in-closet for Mom and Dad.