Interior Design and Style.

Yesterday’s blog talked about the use of vibrant colors and how the newer bold look of color can create that inviting and warm atmosphere.

Tomorrow we will take a look at the changing use of color in the kitchen which many will say is the heart of every home.  Today let’s look the new designs for a modern bathroom.

Is Santa bringing you new appliances?

In yesterday’s blog post we talked about Energy Star appliances and how they can save a lot.  Not only are Energy Star appliances goof for your pocketbook but they are far better for our environment because they consume LESS ENERGY.

Are you curious how today’s photograph shows you new appliances?  Perhaps we are going to talk about appliances that are in the bathroom.  Huge amounts of energy and environmental impact come from your bathroom by:

So, what did you accomplish last weekend?

Today (Tuesday, 11/8) it is a spectacular day, it is 61 degrees, the sun is shining, and it is Election Day.  Oh…………….., at this time tomorrow the sun will rise, the sun will set, and life will go on without political campaigning.  See, there is something to look forward to.

So, last weekend, were you able to tackle any of our suggested ideas to winterize your home?  For example, did you –

The Tub Drain lets a lot of Cold Air to enter.

Ok, so today is Halloween and probably most everyone is either putting the finishing touches on their costume or making sure there’s enough candy for tonight’s revelers. 

But, just in case you are worrying about the heating bill for the upcoming winter ….., we have a tip that will help you greatly!

It needs to work for you, not someone else!

As spring is truly here we are getting a lot of folks in asking all sorts of questions about design and function for their new home. 

Please remember that Vermont Modular as a company specializes in 10% Custom Built homes that are Energy Efficient.  Those are the two underlying precepts that guide our business.  Both Blaine and I are committed to building only what people want rather than what might be in a booklet of suggested plans.

Building your new cottage?

For the past twenty-five years Vermont Modular has been delivering homes throughout Vermont and The North Country of New York.  For roughly twenty of those years our normal client was a young couple looking for their first home; our most popular style of home was The Cape Cod. The Cape represents a teriffic value where the “up-front-cost” was kept to a minimum.  Most of those homes were delivered as an “Unfinished Cape” where the second floor would be completed onsite usually by the young couple owning their first home.

Household lighting

Last week we looked at kitchens, bathrooms, and floor coverings.  These three things are what can make an ordinary house into a spectacular home; they turn plain into exciting.  Things like colors, textures, materials, design, and a myriad of other things all add up to exciting; it is how you combine everything surrounding the kitchen, bathrooms, and floor coverings – that makes the difference.

There are all kinds of bathrooms!

Yesterday we talked about beautiful kitchens and how they contribute greatly to the overall “Curb-appeal” of a home; it is the wow-factor that we are talking about.

Right after the kitchen the bathroom is the room that contributes greatly to the whole picture of a beautiful home.

As you can see from today’s picture there are all kinds of bathrooms from fairly basic to truly lavish.  In today’s picture not much was invested in making the bathroom beautiful, it’s really difficult to imagine brushing your teeth in the morning at that sink.  Yuck!