Hi Baby Boomers

Good afternoon Boomers!  Just in case you didn’t know……….., you are a Boomer if you are 54 years young all the way up to seventy-three, also years young.  But, those of you that are boomers already knew that.

Boomers are the babies that came into the world in the years after World War II.  Did you know that Baby Boomers are slightly more than seventy-six MILLION people.  WOW, that is a lot of people.

Is it a good time?

It is almost November, temperatures are going down, winter isn’t too far off, and that leads us to a basic question.

  1. Should we cancel our building plans and wait for spring?
  2. Should we hire a good general contractor to Site-Build our home?
  3. Should we investigate Modular Homes?

Check out today’s photograph.  Doesn’t that look just wonderful!?  Well……….., maybe there are some aspects of that home’s construction that are scary at best.

How cold does it get?

It’s that time of year again when way more than half of our phone calls ask, “….can you build us a home in the spring?”  After a brief conversation it rapidly becomes apparent that what folks want is for their new home to be built before winter, not after!

Rather than ask about spring build, I suggest you think about a winter build!  In many ways Springtime is the most difficult time of the year for construction because of MUD.

What do you know about Ranch Homes?

We have repeatedly mentioned that back in the 1920’s there was a lot of interest in “Kit Homes” that people bought from Retail Store Catalogues.  Sears is probably the most widely known for selling these homes that were all precut so that construction on-site would be quick and something that the owner could “easily” put together themselves.  The definition of “Easily” was certainly up for discussion.

Here’s more about The Maple Farm Cape

The other day we introduced you to The Maple Farm Cape Cod style home and it was widely and enthusiastically received by many of our loyal blog readers.  We really do appreciate all of our readers, it’s great knowing you are there!  Thanks.

Let’s take a look at our Maple Farm Cape from its very early days in the plant where it was built.

In today’s photograph you are inside the plant looking at:

Check out this spectacular Cape Cod home

The Cape Cod Style home is a classic New England home dating back to early colonial times.  From then to now it has consistently grown in popularity and many contend The Cape is the Quintessential Vermont home.

The Maple Farm Cape sits on 40 acres in Southern Vermont overlooking spectacular property that even includes a fully stocked Trout Pond.

Incorporated within The Maple Farm Cape:

Our job starts when the home is built in the plant

Later this week we will be showing you photographs of a completed home that is in its final day or two of construction.  Tomorrow afternoon is the house’s “Coming Out Party.”  And, if I understand correctly pizza and “adult traveling beverages” have been ordered for this auspicious occasion.

With the big party coming up in a couple days we’ve been looking at that home’s progress through its construction.