And another home begins

Yesterday afternoon we were up north in Lamoille County to visit one of the next homes to be delivered.  About a week ago today’s picture was a fairly dense stand of trees. 

The soil at this site is all sand so an excavator machine was able to easily and very quickly remove all the stumps creating a flat house site.  It will be just a few days and the machine will dig out the cellar hole in preparation for the building of the foundation.

How's your laptop

We would love to see you!  In the past month or so we have seen the number of inquiries skyrocket.  It seems as though everyone is realizing that summer is drawing to a close, school is about to start, and although the weather is beautiful I must admit that this morning for the first time in months I came to the office with a sweater.

We encourage you to call or contact us online to discuss your new home.  As we are sure you know we are a strict Social Distancing company and yes Masks are required here in our offices.

Talk about a big house!

A couple days ago we had a great reaction to The Heritage House introduction.  Today take a look at The Burlington Colonial.  For all of our loyal readers let’s figure out which Burlington this home is named after.  There is Burlington Vermont and Burlington Massachusetts and then there is Burlington Ontario.

Today’s Burlington Colonial home is named after Burlington Ontario.  That is a surprise!  

Chocolate or Vanilla

Ice cream does not solve everything!  However, when it is well into the 90’s like it has been recently it sure helps us all feel better.

Did you know that Vermont Modular Homes has been including Air Conditioning in virtually all of our new homes for the past several years?

It seems as though we have all become spoiled and genuinely want AC included.  The most popular type of AC for 2020 is the wildly popular Ductless Mini-Split HEAT PUMP

Energy Efficiency

For a week or so we have been talking about Ranch Houses.  In today’s picture you are looking at a Ranch House being assembled in Northern Vermont, a couple hundred yards from the border with Canada.  Yes, we deliver way up north!

This home was delivered way up north near Jay Peak.  That part of the state talks about its own amount to severe winter, it gets wicked COLD.  And that brings about the necessity to build a Super Insulated Home

How about a garage?

In today’s blog let’s take a look at another Ranch Style Home.  You are looking at The Richmond Ranch house.  This is a particularly large Ranch House with more than 1,600 square feet of living space in three big bedrooms, two handsome bathrooms, a living room with a fireplace, gourmet kitchen, a formal dining room, and a large Foyer.  Don’t forget that typically there would be an additional 1,600 SF of space in the basement, all of which can easily be finished.

Be safe out there!

Look at that, here it is Friday and somehow all of us made it.  From us here at Vermont Modular Homes we want to wish you all well and encourage you to Stay Safe.  You have become very important to us and we want everyone to have a bright tomorrow, actually many bright tomorrows.

This past week we took a long look at Cape Cod style homes.  Did you find it interesting?  How about informative and helpful?  Let us know.

Pop Corn anyone?

From all of us here at Vermont Modular, we wish everyone a Happy Weekend and wonderful moments with your family and loved ones!

An evening by the fire with The Kids is the continuing accumulation of life-long memories that only family can build.  Mom and Dad can have an “Adult Drink” and how about Pop Corn for The Kids.

We are proud of our part in creating the homes you live in, it is a source of pride knowing we can and do build homes that are: