Vinyl Siding

Last week we talked about the front door and how it welcomes guests to your home.  From the road there are several things that catch people’s eye and probably the most significant is the color of your home which is almost always shown in the siding.  The most widely used color for single family homes is white; is that the color of your home?

Or, have you chosen one of many other colors?  Most homeowners today use Vinyl Siding as their siding of choice.  What do you think of vinyl?

Knock knock! Who's there?

Yesterday we asked you to think about your Front Door.  Today let’s take another look at the front door but this time the Door’s Hardware. 

What will you need to open the front door?

  • Key
  • Fingerprint
  • Facial recognition
  • Wi-Fi connection

Would you like to “call” the house on your phone and have the front door unlocked and the lights turned on just before you arrive with bags of groceries?  That could be helpful.

What is your favorite style?

From Windows to Shutters and now today how about front doors?

Nothing quite says “Welcome” to your new home as much as your Front Door.  There are so many different types, styles, designs, and colors for your front door.

  • With glass?  No glass?
  • With side lites or without?
  • Which style?  Traditional, Craftsman, Modern, Rustic, Art Deco, Farmhouse, Bungalow, and so many more
  • That is only a Tiny sampling of available styles

How about color?  Did you know that colors are an indication of mood?

So? What is available?

As winter descends upon us we thought it might be a nice idea to fill you in on what types of things are available as options within your new home.  Let’s face it many of the Vermont Modular Homes online friends will actively spend the next couple months creating and planning the various details of the new home.  So, while you plan here are some of what is available to you:

Do you like porches?

Take a look at today’s photograph of a front porch roof on a brand new modular home up in Lamoille County Vermont.

What you are looking at is a panelized porch roof that has a panelized Reverse Gable dormer above.

Ferry Ride anyone?

The other day we hoped on the Charlotte / Essex Ferry to visit a job site in The Adirondack Region of New York State.  A couple from down-state has ordered a beautiful vacation home that will have a view of Lake Champlain. 

It is always exciting for us to deliver a home in New York as it almost always requires a Ferry ride and on a beautiful fall day it is quite spectacular.  I love to look back at the view of The Green Mountains of Vermont and ahead are The Adirondacks.  Talk about beautiful!

Powerful equipment

During the early phases of site work the excavator plays the biggest part of the job.  This machine has enormous power and is capable of shaping the land at the job site, building driveways, digging cellar holes, building septic systems, and a myriad of other equally important aspects on the property.

Typically, the “excavator” and the “concrete guy” work together very closely and are the first tradesmen on the job.

Getting towards "Show Time"

Today we are going to take a visit to an upcoming house set.  Today’s photograph was taken this morning as the owner, the excavator, the General Contractor, my yours truly all scoped out the job site.

This home is comprised by five modules all to be assembled on an intricate foundation.  Because of the house’s size it is necessary to hire an extra-large and heavy-duty crane.  The specific spot where the crane will sit needs special attention because of its extra size and weight.