Every Home is Custom Built

Last week we introduced you to The Champlain Ranch home, a 1,529 Square Foot ranch home that has three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, gourmet kitchen, Open Concept living/dining area that is adjacent to the kitchen.

Since this layout was first posted we’ve had a bunch of comments and inquiries.  So, based on your comments and suggestions we have done a second drawing for The Champlain Ranch.

The point of today’s drawing is to show you that it is so easy to Customize Your New Home.

Continuing with our New House of the week

The Champlain Ranch home is our new design for this week.  Yesterday you looked at the interior layout of this spacious three-bedroom Ranch Home.

Take a look at today’s photograph, actually we merged two pictures into one for the blog.

We want you to see a computer drawing of the exterior as this picture shows you exactly how the house will look.  Everything is exact and reflects how the house will look.

More of our new Colonial Home

Earlier this week we introduced you to our new Colonial Home, The Wyoming Colonial.  If you go back in our blog posts you can see the layout for the first and second floor of this handsome four-bedroom, three full bathroom, colonial home.

Today you can see exactly how the exterior of the home will look.

Let’s take a tour of our new Colonial Home.

Yesterday we introduced you to The Wyoming Colonial Home, a four-bedroom, three full bathroom home that is just perfect for a big family.  Yesterday we “walked around” the first floor with its Open Concept.  On Facebook we have a bunch of favorable comments from folks that liked the layout.

This Two-Story Colonial has 2, 323 square feet of living space; it is not a Tiny-House, yet it is not so big as to qualify as a McMansion.  By the way, those huge homes seem to have gone out of style.

Primary Mortgages. Are they up or down?

Normally our daily Blog Posts are about Energy Efficiency or introducing new homes. 

This post is to bring you Breaking News:

As part of the United States’ ongoing Trade War with China and now possibly Mexico the financial experts predict a weakening of sentiment within the Financial World.  The first victim so far as the relationship between 3-Month Treasury Bills and 10-Year Treasury Bills.  For those that work within these sophisticated financial workings it bodes well for lower Interest Rates.

A Brand New Colonial Design, just for you.

The other day we mentioned that we will be introducing a NEW design, a NEW home that will be featured in our Portfolio.  Take a look at today’s Custom Design layout for a nice size Two-Story Colonial Home.

Today’s photograph shows you the layout for the first floor and tomorrow we will offer up the second floor.  Let’s take a look: