Cold Climate Heat Pumps

Cold Climate Heat Pumps (CCHP) have become increasingly popular in the relatively recent past few years.  If we were to go back as little as ten years ago the use of heat pumps in Vermont and across the norther tier of states in the U.S. was almost nonexistent.  Whereas today they have become common place.  By the way, these are often referred to as a Mini-Split system or a Ductless Heat System.

How about Copper pipes vs. PEX tubing

Yesterday afternoon we had an fascinating call from a gentleman in New Jersey.  He was inquiring about building a vacation home in The Lakes Region of Rutland County Vermont.  We talked about all kinds of thing and somehow, we ended up talking about Copper Pipes vs. PEX Tubing.

How about that kitchen fire?

The other day we talked about a grease and/or cooking oil fire in the kitchen and how very dangerous they can be.  I was surprised how quickly people commented on that blog post.  Obviously, there is sincere interest and concern.  Let’s face it the grease fire in the kitchen can easily end up with the home being destroyed so, the kitchen fire is critically important and extremely dangerous!

Its snowing outside!

This afternoon and for the next several days it is scheduled to snow, then snow some more, and finally keep on snowing.  Isn’t winter just great!

One of the joys of a cold winter day is a nice hot shower.  That brings us to today’s blog post and a significant question…….  Are “On Demand” hot water heaters the best way to go? 

There are many fairytales out there dealing with On-Demand Tankless-hot-water heaters.

Danger lurks in your home!

Over many years we have worked with families that have lost their home in a fire.  Fortunately, in every case no one has ever been physically hurt. 

In today’s photograph you clearly see a rather large fire in a kitchen.  We don’t know but it seems probable that the fire erupted when a frying pan or something with a lot of grease and/or fat caught on fire.

Using spray foam in the basement

Yesterday we talked about insulating the basement and the conversation was active, thanks everyone for joining in!

In yesterday’s blog we limited the conversation to the use of Polystyrene Rigid Foam panels.  If you don’t know it by its real name (Polystyrene) then you probably know it as “Foam Boards” or “Foam panels.”  These are typically pink or blue in color and they are used everywhere.

What’s going on down in the basement?

So, is spring is around the corner?  Here in northern Vermont the temperatures have been rapidly climbing across most of the north country.  Much if not all of the snow is gone.  Let’s not forget that today it is the first of March and spring has not arrived!  This is still a great time to be thinking and working on keeping your home here in Vermont warm and comfortable in winter.

Power Panel

Yesterday we took another look at the Electric Meter that is on the outside of your home.  We did get a call pointing out that occasionally the Electric Meter is not always mounted on the side of the house.  There are other available locations:

Electrical Service

This week let’s take a look at some of the other mechanical systems within your new home.  So far we have examined heating, some of the electrical service, and what the carpenter might be doing.

Today let’s look at the size of your electrical service.  Did you know that the power company owns several pieces of equipment at your home: