How about new Theories in design !

Today let’s look at a Trending Concept that is quite new.  For the past fifteen to twenty years the over-riding concept that is very popular is the Open Concept layout in a new home.  This is where the view from the kitchen is unobstructed on into the dining room and living room.  The idea is that it creates a feel where the family is all together.

Do you want a larger home?

Today is Thursday and we continue our series on Trending Concepts in residential construction.

For many years the overall size of single-family homes was getting smaller.  Then along came COVID-19 and it seems as though The American Family is spending more time at home, the kids are home more now that school is closed, and many parents are working from home.  There has been a huge shift in how the typical family sees its house. 

Thinking of a new business?

Another rapidly becoming a very popular type of Residential Construction is the “Build to Rent” concept. 

This is where a builder or developer or any private individual will build a multi-family home with the idea of only renting it out.  The owner really never has the intent of living in that building.

Currently we have in production a Duplex that fits this plan.

America's favorite home, The Ranch House

Today’s photograph will bring to an end the series we have done on our Addison County Ranch House.  Later, probably in the spring, we will go back to do a full photo shoot and share with you the progress.

In today’s picture you can see that the vast majority of the exterior has been completed yet there are two major parts yet to be done.

Ready and waiting

Slight change of pace for today.  We thought you might like to see the foundation for our next home to be delivered the first part of February.  The other day we took you along on a tour of the factory with our homeowners as they examined their home being built. 

While the home is being built in the factory the Poured Reinforced Concrete Foundation was dug, poured, water-proofed, and backfilled.  All in preparation for the delivery of the home.

The house set continues

And now back to our blog posts, please accept our apology for the hiatus from daily writing.

We were talking about the delivery and set of this handsome Ranch House in Addison County Vermont.

Today’s photograph shows you the crane hoisting some of the parts for assembly.  That triangular piece the crane is lifting will become part of the Gable End. Tomorrow you will be able to see the house even more complete.

How about a tour for you

Currently we have a duplex in the midst of production at the plant.  So the other day yours truly met the homeowners at the plant and we went for a tour and inspected the progress.  I thought you might like to come along.

In today’s photograph you see Jason on the right explaining to the homeowners on the left what they are looking at.  The owner of the duplex brought along his future tenants so they could see as well.

What do you think it wrights?

After the delivery has successfully been accomplished the big day finally arrives when the modules (affectionally known as Boxes) are about to be assembled on their permanent foundation.

In today’s photograph it is early on a cold December morning.  The Heavy Crane has arrived along with the Set Crew.  Both the crane and set crew will work together as they piece everything together.

At the end of one day this nice size ranch house in Addison County has been put together.