It will be time to dig shortly!

This weekend is when Day Light Savings Time begins and will last until November 3.  Often people think that this time of year is the most productive time for construction, and perhaps that is true.

Today’s photograph is of a job we did in Randolph Vermont, that’s in Orange County several years ago.  The excavator had started the job and as you can see a lot of dirt had been moved around in preparation for a modular home to arrive.

Despite winter there is progress!

Take a look at today’s photograph, you are looking at a brand-new basement floor that was poured yesterday morning, that really is new.  And this was accomplished in the middle of winter.

In this basement scenario there are several things to understand and consider:

We are going to get more snow!

As you look out in your back yard it is probably all covered with snow and I am betting that the summer lawn furniture is all tucked away in your backyard shed awaiting the arrival of spring and summer.

During the winter it is easy for you to look outside and dream of summer while enjoying the benefits of winter.

During the winter it is great to be inside all cozy and warm.  It is a great time to plan and dream about your new home.  Here are a couple things for you to dream about:

We are receiving calls regularly from people retiring.

For many years we worked closely with First Home Buyers.  For numerous reasons the number of First Home Buyers has dwindled.  “The Kids” looking to buy their first home are faced with the staggering cost of land.  That and the fact that building materials have skyrocketed primarily because of the demand for materials caused by huge natural disasters.

This leaves “The Kids”, a.k.a. The Millennials in a difficult position where housing costs are constantly going up.

Did you see yesterday's picture?

Yesterday we showed you two modules that were being delivered in southern Vermont.  That delivery clearly shows you how it is so much easier to build and deliver a home that comes from an environmentally controlled plant as compared to being built outside withstanding all of mother nature’s harsh weather.

Warm and cozy on a winter’s night

The weather forecast for tonight is COLD temps in the single digits, this frigid air is evidently going to be throughout most of Vermont and New England.  Oh well……., it is February and it is supposed to be cold.

Sitting by the fire reading a book, sipping of an adult beverage, or nursing a cup of hot chocolate – doesn’t that all sound fantastic!  It is what’s called snuggly warm and comfortable, or one of winter’s great joys!

Modular Homes are not a new idea.

Technically speaking a modular home is comprised of sections or Modules that a built in a controlled environment and then transported to a job site.

One of the significant advantages is that work at the home site and construction of the home can be done at the same time.  Obviously, if you are considering a commercial building with multiple rental units this is a huge advantage as you project will be completed quicker and most assuredly on time. 

Yup, it's Friday

So, today is Friday!  We have worked hard all week long and now it is time to be thinking about our weekend.  What do you have in store for you and your family?  Are you apt to all hop in the car to your Vermont vacation home?

How heavy is snow?

Yesterday we talked about the fact that typically one cubic foot of snow weighs about twenty pounds.  Yesterday’s photograph showed you a gentleman up on his roof shoveling off what we estimated to be two feet of snow.  Or, each square foot of snow weighed about forty pounds.  Each square foot of snow then had a total weight of an estimated 60,000 pounds of snow on a 46’ Ranch House.

Look at today’s picture.  This young man is shoveling what looks like one foot of snow off his roof.