Solar Panels, valuable?

We keep stressing that all of our ideas we are sharing with you must:

  1. Make a significant improvement.
  2. Be very cost effective and not break the bank.

We hang our hat on those two major concepts.  Today we will stick to our core beliefs as we encourage you to invest in Solar Panels. 

Being inside all cozy and warm!

As fall draws to a close and we look forward to winter wouldn’t you want to be all snuggly warm and inside an Energy Efficient home?

For several weeks now, we have been looking at ways to Winterize your home and have tried to make specific suggestions that are inexpensive and effective.  There is no need to break the bank!  With very few exceptions the things are suggesting will make significant improvements and not cost you a lot of hard-earned money; things like:

Is it necessary to replace the filer?

As we approach the end of October I am going to guess that most of us, if not all, have turned on the heat this fall.  After all, we have had a couple chilly nights.  Those of you up in The North East Kingdom of Vermont have had several hard frosts whereas here in The Champlain Valley our night time temperatures have yet to fall low enough for frost although chilly enough to turn the heat on.

Let's look at your windows

It seems as though every fall all of us take a long look at our windows as a possible source of Heat Loss.  The newspapers, TV, and radio are full of ads promoting the huge benefits of “Replacement Windows.”  Things like,  “….call us today and replace your windows so that you can save a fortune!”

Let’s take a look today at some foolish ideas:

Isn't fresh air a good thing?

During the summer we always hear about fresh air and how wonderful that can be.  Honestly, I completely agree!  Isn’t it nice to be outside on a summer day in the sunshine enjoying outdoors!  That is truly a wonderful thing.

During the winter that same fresh air can be a challenge to keep out.  Let’s face it the same fresh air we enjoy in the summer has become Cold Air Penetration during the winter. 

How important was heat loss?

Throughout our blog posts we are constantly talking about Heat Loss and how very important it is.  The more heat you loose from your home the more money it costs you and the more fossil fuel you burn.  Losing money isn’t a good idea and contributing to Global Warming is for sure not a good idea.  Losing money is the same as foolishly wasting money, that’s fairly dumb.  Contributing to Global Warming is irresponsible!

Who is your Friend as you try to stop Cold Air Penetration?

Yesterday we closed basement windows, the number one culprit that allows Cold Air to Penetrate into your basement.  Hopefully all of you went down into the cellar and shut the windows last evening.  Did you?  It is ok if you’re putting this off for a weekend project.  Let’s face it, we all need weekend projects.

Today we move beyond closing windows and doors.  There are people with basement doors that exit to the outside; don’t forget these they must be tightly closed as well.  Take a good look at today’s photograph.  Do you know what it is?

It's time to close the windows!

We have been talking about Cold Air Penetration and how the Cold and Dense air gets into your home, or more accurately how it gets into the basement.

Take a look at today’s photograph and you will see the biggest culprit for that Cold Air Penetration.  Yup, that would be the basement window.

Where cold air goes

The other day we talked about Cold Air Penetration and you will see for the next several weeks that we frequently talk about it.

So……., here’s a fairly bold statement that is sure to conjure up reactions from some of our readers.  We contend that stopping Cold Air Penetration is the number one secret to cutting back on Heat Loss.

Here is how it works.

Heat escapes

Yesterday we talked about the Density of air and atmospheric pressures; both of these significantly impact Heat Loss in your home.

For the duration of our Winterizing Blog series we will greatly emphasize how Cold Air penetrates into your home and how that costs you money.  Yes, of course if you stand there with the front door wide open a lot of cold air will enter the house.  That is not what we are talking about.  We will hopefully show you how seemingly insignificant things allow cold air into the house.