After the bank; what comes next?

So far we have talked about Buyers’ and Sellers’ markets, high cost of Real Estate in general and specifically land, how baby boomers and millennials are driving up costs, and then yesterday we recommended you go see the bank for a pre-qualification conversation.

One last thought about The Bank.  We suggest you talk with one or two banks but, not many banks, it simply makes your process that more complicated.  Choose wisely and then talk with two banks or other lending institutions.

How do we proceed in a Sellers’ Market?

For a couple days now, we have been talking about how difficult it is to buy and build a new home.  The Supply (people looking to sell) is much smaller than The Demand (people looking to buy)  So, what is the best way to move forward?  As all Renters in Vermont know it is silly to continue renting!  Since there is such a big demand it is very easy for Landlords to constantly raise their rent.  Monthly rents are often more than a monthly mortgage payment would be for a comparable home.

Microwave Oven

Ok, so this is mildly crazy but we wanted to let you know that in your Custom Built home we will design your kitchen so as to accommodate the exact Microwave Oven that you want.  And you ask,,,,, "Why are you doing this today?"

Today, Wednesday December 6, 2017 is National Microwave Oven Day.  Honestly i thought this was nuts but our buddy Google confirmed it; today is the big day for Microwave ovens.  It is time to heat up your lunch on this festive day.  Did you smile?

How do I go about building a modular home?

Today is the start of a series of blogs where we will try to walk you through the process of building your dream home.  So, grab a cup of coffee and join us on an adventure.

Where is the best place to start?  After all it seems so overwhelming; how do we know where to start?  These are questions and concerns that we hear all the time, especially from first home buyers.

Windows, are your windows energy efficient?

We have talked a lot about many ways you can improve on the Energy Efficiency within your home.  Obviously, we are not the only people commenting on how to improve efficiency and save money, there are a lot of individuals and firms that have their own blogs where they emphasize their point of view.  Honestly, that is exactly what we are doing also.

Throughout our blog posts we have commented that a good idea must have two major components:

Building material Sur-Charges

This afternoon we were pricing out a home to be delivered in southern Vermont and there was a Material Sur-Charge.  Let’s face it, a Sur-Charge is a price increase.  Typically, Sur-charges are a percentage of the material costs as compared to raising the cost of a specific piece of material a percentage is added.  That dollar amount can easily be adjusted upward and/or downward simply by quickly changing the percentage amount.

Building materials cost more!

As we all know the past month or two has seen a record breaking number of huge natural disasters.  Several hurricanes have hammered US Territories in The Caribbean along with Florida and Texas.  The scope and magnitude of these disasters have shocked all of us.  Most recently it seems as though Puerto Rico is reeling from storm damage and now wild fires in California are destroying thousands of homes and killing dozens of Americans.