Mom and Dad along with the kids work with the banks

Yesterday we talked about how Mom and Dad are bidding against a shrinking supply of homes near urban areas.  Everyone wants to move to be closer to amenities, that puts Mom and Dad in a precarious position, no one wants to buy their home in the Burbs so they can buy a new home.  The Kids are fighting for their first home in a really tight market and competing against Mom and Dad.

Some random thoughts about selling your home.

We have commented several times that today’s home buyers are very savvy and quite demanding.  We have offered several tips that can help you entice a buyer to put in an offer on your home.  Today let’s look at a few things that you really do want to make sure ARE NOT included within your home. 

Did your house sell yesterday? More ideas for you

Yesterday we talked about cleaning up the house and removing most of those things you love but new buyers don’t.  It can be a difficult and almost painful process but if you want to sell and move on it is necessary and all falls under the most basic of Real Estate prep work.  It isn’t fun but the end result will work for you.

Selling your home? Thinking of downsizing?

One of the largest group of home buyers today are Mom and Dad minus the kids.  Mom and Dad now live in a big home and they are thinking of selling so that they can move on to a new home that’s easily managed now that the family is much smaller.  How about grandkids coming to visit occasionally as compared to a house full of kids growing up?  Things have a habit of changing.

Renewable Energy includes Solar Power.

Probably the most widely known and understood form of Renewable Energy is Solar Power.  All of us have seen what looks like an explosion of Solar Farms all across Vermont.

In addition to the huge Solar Farms are private residential solar panels being installed either on the roof of homes or in the back yard.

More about that wonderful hot morning shower!

Yesterday we talked about the amount of electricity that is used by “The Average” American family and that “The Average” family pays roughly $650 a year just for hot water.  These figures assume you are using a fairly conventional electric hot water heater.

The normal hot water heater is an insulated tank with electric heating elements inside the tank.  The concept is virtually the same as heat being generated by your electric stove except that it heats water rather than cooking dinner.