Down in the basement, there’s a lot going on!

For the past couple days we’ve been talking about condensation and condensation particularly coming off the foundation walls.  Don’t forget that condensation will only happen during the heat of summer and on days with high humidity.  Also, the condensation will only happen if the basement walls are NOT insulated.

Today let’s take a minute and look at another huge advantage you will see if you insulate your basement properly. 

How about fresh air? Sounds like a good idea!

Yesterday we finished the discussion of Septic Systems and today it might be a nice change of pace to talk about something that actually smells nice – fresh air

Every time we build your new home to be more and more and more energy efficient it means that less and less heat is lost.  In order to significantly cut back on heat loss we must stop Cold Air Penetration and conversely we are trying to stop Heat Loss.

More important utilities, although not exciting.

Yesterday we took a look at water wells.  That would be the fresh or clean water entering your home.  Today we take a look at the……, well shall we say, “not so clean” water that leaves your home.  By the way that water is politely referred to as effluent.  No, no!  We said effluent not affluent.  We are talking about waste not money.  J

Utilities can be very under-whelming until…………..

It appears as though we have finished building our new home and shown you two particular projects that are 100% finished.  And, that was a lot of fun bringing all that to you.

Today let’s start a series on the utilities that are inside your home.  These are things like the heating, air conditioning, and son on……  Today here in Vermont it is a beautiful day in the low 80’s with sunshine.  It is a beautiful day.

Many times the first thing to happen on any new home job is to drill the water well.  I can think of three basic types of water wells:

Oh wait a minute……., there’s more that’s all done.

Last Friday we showed you a photograph of a beautiful home that was 100% finished.  Well, today we have another finished home for you to look at.

Those of you that have been following the story will see that this is the home where we watched the guys build the porch.  Remember, we watched The Genie Lift help the men be more productive.  We also watched the trim, soffit, fascia, and ceiling all be installed on the front porch.

And yet even more work on the garage.

Yesterday we looked at the Garage as siding was being installed; that was on the other side of today’s photograph.

On the left you are looking at The Gable End of the modular home.  As you can see some of the Cedar Siding has been installed with more to come.  Look carefully at the picture and you will see that there is strapping on the outside of the sheathing; this holds the siding away from the building; this is the right way to install wood siding.

Work continues on the garage.

Yesterday we looked at work on the site-built garage and today you can see from the photograph work is progressing nicely.

The guys are out back installing the siding on both the house and the garage.  This particular homeowner chose to install stained Cedar Siding

Moving on to the garage, now that the porch is done.

Last week we saw that the work on the front porch was finished.  With that particular job it was less costly for the homeowner to have the porch built locally; that’s why you got a chance to see the porch being done.

In today’s photograph we can see the men busily building what will become an oversize two car garage.  The connection between the house and the garage in this case uses a separate entry room which many Vermonters refer to as their Mud Room.  Yes, we will talk about the mud room but today’s topic is the garage.