More about that wonderful hot morning shower!

Yesterday we talked about the amount of electricity that is used by “The Average” American family and that “The Average” family pays roughly $650 a year just for hot water.  These figures assume you are using a fairly conventional electric hot water heater.

The normal hot water heater is an insulated tank with electric heating elements inside the tank.  The concept is virtually the same as heat being generated by your electric stove except that it heats water rather than cooking dinner.

Let’s do two questions on our quiz today!

Yesterday’s question was about turning the thermostat down, how much can you save?

CORRECT answer……………….:

If you turn your thermostat down for about 8 hours each day while you are away you will typically see a TEN-PERCENT  10% reduction in your heating and cooling costs.  Remember the typical annual heating/air-conditioning bill is $2,200 or by turning down your thermostat you can see a savings of about $220.  That’s a good idea!

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