The very first step, let’s go dig in the dirt.

We have talked about building with Joists and center carrying beams and floor decks.  But, actually the very FIRST part of building a home comes with the excavation work.  This is where the excavator builds the driveway and prepares the building site to accommodate the new home.

Earlier today I went to visit a brand new job site for a Vermont Modular home that will be coming shortly.  Today’s photograph is of the building site here in Chittenden County of Northern Vermont. 

Framing your new home, it’s where it all starts.

Yesterday we showed you a picture of an upscale home that has 18’ ceilings.  Typically every home has ceilings that are 8’ tall.  Yes we are capable of building whatever you want.

But, today let’s get back to the fundamental aspects of building our home.  In today’s photograph you can clearly see the framing lumber.  The “Dimensional Lumber” that is being used makes up the plates and studs for our walls.  Obviously you recall the terminology for construction.

Let’s be spectacular today! OK?

As we have been learning and finally building our new home we have consistently talked about either Ranch Style homes that are all on one floor or the other day we talked about “Affordable Capes.”  Both styles of homes represent quality and value!  Don’t forget that every home is 100% Custom Built and incorporates all kinds of Energy Efficient features.

With all that as our background today we are going to venture off into the world of truly up-scale modular homes representing even greater values.

Build your new home? You can help!

Back in 1991 and for the past twenty five years we have been delivering homes throughout Vermont and The North Country of New York. 

Over all those years our number one most popular home has been an “Unfinished Cape Cod” style home where the second floor is not done, it is left for the homeowners to complete on-their-own.  The HUGE advantage of this option is the significantly reduced amount of “Up-Front” money that is needed; it is often referred to an “An Affordable Cape.”  But, regardless of what you call it the Cape represents a fantastic value!

This is a holiday weekend. Happy Memorial Day

For the past couple weeks we have been working towards actually starting construction on our Three Bedroom Ranch house.  We picked this house because both the Boomers/Seniors and the Millennials/GenXers all like single floor home.

Here in Vermont the weather is spectacular, the significance of Memorial Day is vividly in our minds.  President Obama’s visit today to Hiroshima has given us all pause to think of the horrors of war and all its suffering.  Today is a day to reflect and appreciate what we have.

How about a brief tangent today

Now that we have learned all kinds of terms from joists to jack studs to rough openings and so on………, perhaps it might be helpful if we took a look at exactly what it is that people want in their new homes.  After all, if we are about to build our imaginary “Dream Home” we might want to build what is most popular.  Right?  Sure!

It seems as though Americans are mildly divided as to what they want.  On one hand we have The Millennials and Gen Xers as compared to Boomers and Seniors.