Looking for a two-story home to retire in?

Let’s pretend that the home you really want to build is a Two-Story colonial where typically the bedrooms are upstairs.  Having the bedrooms and family areas on the second floor is a HUGE advantage as it creates that private space for yourselves and your family; guests don’t go upstairs.  Your guests will stay on the first floor where the living room, kitchen, dining room, and perhaps a den are all located.

Staying your home for a while – showers

New homes have great attention paid to Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Floor Coverings.  Let’s look at one of the most accident-prone areas of all homes.  Yup, that would be the shower.

The shower is that place in the house where we are standing on a slippery surface and it is a simple fact that more falls happen in the shower than anywhere else.

Staying in the kitchen

It seems as though everyone agrees that The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home, it is that place where family and friends gather to share moments, prepare meals, talk, and share hopes and dreams.  The kitchen is normally where entertaining begins and in many homes, it is where dinner is served.

How about your Kitchen shelves

As we have said several times the kitchen is The Heart of a Home and in the kitchen a lot of things are stored and tucked away until that moment when you need it.  This can be pots and pans, groceries, and a ton of gadgets.

We suggest you seriously consider what types of shelves you want in your kitchen:

Floor coverings are important!

The emphasis today is on comfort and safety when building and designing homes.  There are many examples of safety items that are required within all the various Code Regulations and most eventually point back to fire or fire prevention.  That entire topic we will leave for another day.

How to make your home safe and cozy.

Over the next couple days, we are going to focus on some essential aspects of a home that make it a lasting home.  We are thinking about those seemingly small things that make your home more comfortable.

One of the most important aspects of your new home is the entrance, that place where people approach your home.

Here’s a COOL idea for when you are planning.

Today’s photograph shows the buttons for an elevator.  Ok, ok, perhaps there are not too many of you that have twenty some odd floors to your home, I get that but none-the-less it shows an elevator.

Did you know that the installation of an elevator in your new home can be an ease job; but like many things it needs to be carefully planned out.

Lumber disputes between The US and Canada loom

For those of you that want to thoroughly investigate today’s blog concept we strongly encourage you to dig deeper and find out more for yourself. 

It is becoming increasingly possible that the cost of Lumber in the United States is about to take a significant jump upward, by some estimates as much as a thirty percent increase in the cost of Softwood lumber in the US.

Crazy tips for your home in the spring.

Today let’s look at a couple off the beaten path ideas that just might help you around the house this spring.

We have been noticing that the snow is disappearing and that’s a visual sign that winter is almost over and spring could be around the corner.  YES, it is time for you to uncover the grill and think about the “grilling season” that is here.