Can I sill order my home for this year?

Do you believe it is already the first of September?  Where did the time go?  I am suggesting that Summer simply slow down and hang around longer.  This coming weekend is Labor Day the unofficial end of summer.  (excuse me while I weep and wail)

Just this morning we were down in southern Vermont checking out a job site and finalizing drawings for a winter ski house.  The plans call for this rather large ski house to be finished and occupied by Thanksgiving.  Is that possible?  Of course it is!

How about Wood Pellets? Do they work?

Earlier today we had visitors in the office and part of the conversation revolved around the installation of a Pellet Fired boiler.

Over the past twenty-five years we have installed hundreds of heating systems, the vast majority have been Propane Fired boilers that create hot water that is pumped throughout the home into the Hot Water Baseboard Heating Elements.  For decades Propane was the fossil fuel of choice and the reason was always the same; “….it is cleaner!”

How about those Heat Pumps! Amazing.

Just this morning I was curious and wanted a first-hand testimonial about how effective Cold Climate Heat Pumps (CCHP) actually are; so I did the only natural thing – I called one of our Vermont Modular homeowners who also had a CCHP installed for them in the plant.  Our homeowner after the winter and hot summer is thrilled and very glad that they had the Heat Pump installed in their new home.  Today’s photograph is a picture of their Heat Pump Compressor.

Speaking of summer heat and condensation……

As you know we’ve been talking about how cold things such as foundation walls, soda, and beer all “sweat” during the summer heat.

I am sure all of you have seen a window air conditioner that is dripping water out the back of the AC unit.  That water is the moisture has condensed from the air conditioner.  The one I have at my house has been ardently working in the recent heat, there’s usually a puddle under the air conditioner.

People forget about this type of condensation!

We have been talking about how the foundation can sweat and cause water to collect in the basement, especially during the high heat of summer.  Oh wait a minute, that would be today and the past couple days, it has been really hot and humid.

But, there is yet another culprit of condensing moisture.  Actually there are several more but we will talk about only one more today.  I have got to leave something to talk about on Monday, right?  Right!

Down in the basement, there’s a lot going on!

For the past couple days we’ve been talking about condensation and condensation particularly coming off the foundation walls.  Don’t forget that condensation will only happen during the heat of summer and on days with high humidity.  Also, the condensation will only happen if the basement walls are NOT insulated.

Today let’s take a minute and look at another huge advantage you will see if you insulate your basement properly. 

How about fresh air? Sounds like a good idea!

Yesterday we finished the discussion of Septic Systems and today it might be a nice change of pace to talk about something that actually smells nice – fresh air

Every time we build your new home to be more and more and more energy efficient it means that less and less heat is lost.  In order to significantly cut back on heat loss we must stop Cold Air Penetration and conversely we are trying to stop Heat Loss.