It's time for a garage

As we continue the conversation about our newest home over in Up-State New York today’s project is the garage.

Ok, ok,,,,,,, perhaps today’s picture is a tiny bit over-done to describe a two-car garage attached to a medium size ranch house.  But, you have got to admit it is a fascinating photo.  Frequently when The Amish have a Barn Raising, the entire community pitches in and that is exactly what is going on in today’s photograph.

Work is already underway

Every new modular home, like the one we delivered last week, needs skilled craftsmen to finish parts of the home after it is set on its permanent foundation.

For the next couple days we will walk through the various parts of what needs to be completed.  One of the more visible aspects of the work is that performed by skilled carpenters who will:

It is a new home

There’s big doings today here at Vermont Modular Homes.  Just this afternoon we have a new modular home delivered over in New York State.  And, tomorrow the weather has cooperated just enough for us to set this home on its permanent foundation.

For sure the homeowner is thrilled and swears she won’t sleep tonight.  I wonder why??!!

It all starts somewhere

It may not look like a house just yet, but every project has got to start somewhere.  And with a modular home it all starts with the building of The Deck.

In today’s photograph you are looking at many sheets of ¾” tongue and grove Plywood that is the floor of the house.  You can’t really see it but underneath the plywood are 2x10” Floor Joists that provide the strength for the floor.

How heavy is a modular home?

Every time Vermont Modular sets a new modular home we hire only the very best crews and equipment.

In today’s photograph you are looking at the boom of a Hydraulic Crane that is capable of hoisting a modular home up off the truck and gently placing it on its permanent foundation.

Recently we delivered a home in Lamoille County, we showed you pictures of the home while it sat on Vermont Route 15, did you see us?

It was Show-Time this morning

If you were up on Vermont Rte. 15 this morning you might have seen us delivering a new home.  We had a very small window of opportunity as Mother Nature was cooperating but only briefly! 

The weather report called for rain possibly mixing with snow after 9:00 this morning so a mad dash to the Lamoille County job-site started at 6:30 and ended about 8:30.  We were in on-site, off the highway about one half hour before it started to rain.  Thank you Mother!  We greatly appreciated your early morning help!

It is that time of year

It seems as though every winter we always get the same type of questions. 

Take a look at today’s photograph, that was February 2015 up on top of a mountain in central Vermont and it had been snowing for several days, the road was completely covered, and it was a wild and crazy winter day.  The town highway department graciously sanded the road just ahead of our trucks and despite the nasty winter weather everything went well.

Several years later this home was sold and the new owners are thrilled to be a part of central Vermont.