What happens with Winter construction?

For a couple days now, we have been talking about building a home during the winter.  Remember the photograph that shows the partially built home all covered with snow?  The blog post generated a lot of interest, it clearly showed how conventional construction during the winter months can be problematic.  Building a home in the plant in the controlled environment is much easier and without a doubt results in a much better home.

Delivering a home in the winter is very possible!

Vermont Modular Homes delivers homes throughout Vermont and The North Country of New York State and we have been doing this every month of the year, even when the ground of frozen and covered with snow.

Take a look at today’s photograph, it shows a Vermont Modular home being delivered in the dead of winter on top of a mountain in Washington County south of Montpelier, our state’s capital.

What's going on outside?

The other day the news told of a huge winter storm throughout the mid-west causing all kinds of headaches and hick-ups for millions of people.  Well, that lovely storm is now meandering through New England and at our office here in Shelburne the snow flakes are especially large.  And, just like today’s photograph much of the snow is sticking to the branches and limbs.  Ok, so it is beautiful to look at the today’s photograph shows a “Site-Built” home during construction.

In the photograph you are looking at:

Construction on one of our current projects continues

As we all know the weather recently has been nasty to say the least.  Last week we broke all kinds of weather records.  It was the coldest day in Burlington ever.  Overall temperatures for November have been between thirty and forty degrees below normal.

Have you been looking for a good reason to consider building your new home inside?  If the most recent weather hasn’t convinced you that Modular Homes are The Best, then I am guessing nothing is apt to change your mind.

As the foundation is built so is the house

The other day we showed you how the foundation is being built for our next upcoming project.  Remember, this is the Chittenden County home where the cellar hole needed blasting to remove enough Ledge Rock so the owners could have a full basement.

At the same time the explosives were blasting away the rock the home is under construction in the plant.

You can tell from today’s photograph it is a construction site with buckets of Spackling compound and tools. 

After pouring footings, the next step is........

Yesterday we showed you a picture with concrete footings that had been built for a upcoming home here in The Champlain Valley of Chittenden County.

Today’s photograph shows you the next step in the process where the wooden “Forms” have been set in place and how the concrete is being poured into the forms.

After the footings are built the job goes this way:

How about working in the winter!

All the time we are asked if it is possible to build homes in the winter months.  The answer is quick and easy.  YES!

Take a long look at today’s photograph and I will try to explain what you are looking at.  Hopefully this will allay some of your concerns and answer a bunch of questions:

What do you think?

Normally we talk about Energy Conservation and Efficiency but, not today.  We want to let you in on what is our newest undertaking.  Yes, we will be following this throughout the entire project, so you will have a good idea of what to expect with your new home.

In today photograph you can see the first stages of building a driveway to the house site.  This particular site is slightly unique in that the entire road bed of rock came directly from the property and honestly that doesn’t happen very often.