Are you more of a winter person?

Just last weekend it we had a record-breaking heat wave, it got to 101 degrees here in Northern Vermont.  Egad that was super-hot!

We are rapidly coming up on August of 2019 when the days start to get a bit shorter, evenings slightly less warm, and sitting outside around the fire-pit is wonderful.  When I was a kid we’d build a bond-fire down by the lake and roast marshmallows.

Does a Heat Pump Make Heat?

We very recently had a huge heat wave with temperatures in the high 90’s of degrees and equally high humidity.  If you are unhappy it is only a short four or so months and we will be in winter with the snow.  Oh joy!

Yesterday we talked about Air Conditioning and how there are several major types of AC.  Today let’s look again at a Heat Pump because our heat pump was providing Air Conditioning just a couple days ago and in a few short months the very same unit will be heating out homes.

There are so many advantages to a Heat Pump:

Yupm its AC time!

For many years of delivering homes throughout Vermont we virtually never considered Air Conditioning.  The comment always came back, “….oh it’s Vermont, we don’t need AC!’

In the past five or so years we are constantly asked, “….what type of AC comes with the house?”  That brings up the question that “Captain Obvious” almost always asks, “….what types of AC are available?”  I told you he was fairly obvious

Egad it is hot

As I am sure everyone knows that the weather report for the upcoming weekend is for extreme heat.  The actual temperatures being predicted for this weekend here in northern Vermont are in the mid 90’s with “Heat Index Values” of 101 degrees.  The National Weather Service says those extremes will be the worst Friday and Saturday afternoon.

We would like to comment on two things:

Check out the weather report

Here’s a quick peek at the upcoming weather -

Wednesday – widespread rain with embedded tstorms

Thursday – scatters showers and thunderstorms, very muggy

Friday – Very HOT and muggy, showers and tstorms.

All that is the remnants of Tropical Storm Barry.  And you ask, “…. how does all this impact a single-family residence?”

Here’s more about The Maple Farm Cape

The other day we introduced you to The Maple Farm Cape Cod style home and it was widely and enthusiastically received by many of our loyal blog readers.  We really do appreciate all of our readers, it’s great knowing you are there!  Thanks.

Let’s take a look at our Maple Farm Cape from its very early days in the plant where it was built.

In today’s photograph you are inside the plant looking at:

Check out this spectacular Cape Cod home

The Cape Cod Style home is a classic New England home dating back to early colonial times.  From then to now it has consistently grown in popularity and many contend The Cape is the Quintessential Vermont home.

The Maple Farm Cape sits on 40 acres in Southern Vermont overlooking spectacular property that even includes a fully stocked Trout Pond.

Incorporated within The Maple Farm Cape:

YES, it really is summer!

It seems as though we have waited a long time this spring for summer to arrive, let’s face it spring was slow to arrive and kinda hung around a tad too long before allowing summer to appear.

With the advent of Summer, it now is Air Conditioning time and the annual search for a truly efficient AC system. 

As all of our loyal Blog Readers know we stress Energy Efficiency and the need to be a good Steward of our environment