Backyard patio and deck living. -

Take a look at today’s photograph and you can see one of the more popular trends in home design.  The indoor living space easily moves outside to the deck, patio, porch, veranda, terrace, or what every you’d like to call that special space at your home.

Outdoor living has grown in popularity and now is a key feature that demanding home buyers are looking for.  Obviously, it is an important part of selling your home so that you can build your new home.

How was your Holiday weekend?

It seems as though the news has been full of reports of backyard cookouts, picnics, parades, fireworks, and of course the ubiquitous hot dog.  Did you read that Joey Chestnut ate 72 hot dogs and buns in ten minutes to win the world’s championship again?  Ummmmm, me thinks that’s a tad crazy but July 4th is a Happy Celebration for America’s birthday.  It seems as though the Hot Dog has become a part of Americana!

Again, trending styles that are in, out, or gone

Yesterday we took a look at Subway Tiles and how popular they have always been but especially now.  (we’d love to hear if you have decided to install subway tiles in your home, let us know!)

Not all popular items remain popular. And today we’d like to mention an idea that has been quite well liked but is rapidly going the way of the Dodo Bird and that would be the very cool little “towel bar” that is in your shower unit.

Who saves more money, mom and dad or the kids?

Yesterday we talked about working with The Bank and how difficult it can be.  There are two huge things to remember today:

  1. First – twenty percent down.  Ugh!
  2. Second – PMI, insurance to help the bank.  Ugh!

The key to success is easy!  Oh come on………, all you need is an abundance of hard earned cash.  How difficult can that be?  The closer we look the harder it is to actually come up with that money! 

There are numerous ways to acquire cash:

Mom and Dad along with the kids work with the banks

Yesterday we talked about how Mom and Dad are bidding against a shrinking supply of homes near urban areas.  Everyone wants to move to be closer to amenities, that puts Mom and Dad in a precarious position, no one wants to buy their home in the Burbs so they can buy a new home.  The Kids are fighting for their first home in a really tight market and competing against Mom and Dad.

Some random thoughts about selling your home.

We have commented several times that today’s home buyers are very savvy and quite demanding.  We have offered several tips that can help you entice a buyer to put in an offer on your home.  Today let’s look at a few things that you really do want to make sure ARE NOT included within your home.