It happens every year without fail.

We live here in Vermont where many will comment that the weather is simply awful.  Much of the year it is cold, snowy, ice covered, windy, and for some us just miserable.  However there is nothing quite as wonderful as a summer in Vermont.  The results of my very NON-scientific study reports that during the summer people are at the beach, eating hot dogs, and simply enjoying summer, worries about winter’s cold are ignored.

Autumn is on the way but not today!

We have started a series about various types of insulation that are available in your new home.  Honestly, the entire topic seems a tad silly today as the temperature outside is currently 85 degrees with bright sunshine.  Today, September 20 is a beautiful summer day.  Today is a great day to go swimming or go have a BBQ in the back yard.  Oh well, back to insulation.

We recommend Rock Wool insulation in the exterior walls as it is a superior product.  Read our previous Blog about Rock Wool. 

Can I sill order my home for this year?

Do you believe it is already the first of September?  Where did the time go?  I am suggesting that Summer simply slow down and hang around longer.  This coming weekend is Labor Day the unofficial end of summer.  (excuse me while I weep and wail)

Just this morning we were down in southern Vermont checking out a job site and finalizing drawings for a winter ski house.  The plans call for this rather large ski house to be finished and occupied by Thanksgiving.  Is that possible?  Of course it is!

How about Wood Pellets? Do they work?

Earlier today we had visitors in the office and part of the conversation revolved around the installation of a Pellet Fired boiler.

Over the past twenty-five years we have installed hundreds of heating systems, the vast majority have been Propane Fired boilers that create hot water that is pumped throughout the home into the Hot Water Baseboard Heating Elements.  For decades Propane was the fossil fuel of choice and the reason was always the same; “….it is cleaner!”

How about those Heat Pumps! Amazing.

Just this morning I was curious and wanted a first-hand testimonial about how effective Cold Climate Heat Pumps (CCHP) actually are; so I did the only natural thing – I called one of our Vermont Modular homeowners who also had a CCHP installed for them in the plant.  Our homeowner after the winter and hot summer is thrilled and very glad that they had the Heat Pump installed in their new home.  Today’s photograph is a picture of their Heat Pump Compressor.