Floor coverings are important!

The emphasis today is on comfort and safety when building and designing homes.  There are many examples of safety items that are required within all the various Code Regulations and most eventually point back to fire or fire prevention.  That entire topic we will leave for another day.

How to make your home safe and cozy.

Over the next couple days, we are going to focus on some essential aspects of a home that make it a lasting home.  We are thinking about those seemingly small things that make your home more comfortable.

One of the most important aspects of your new home is the entrance, that place where people approach your home.

Here’s a COOL idea for when you are planning.

Today’s photograph shows the buttons for an elevator.  Ok, ok, perhaps there are not too many of you that have twenty some odd floors to your home, I get that but none-the-less it shows an elevator.

Did you know that the installation of an elevator in your new home can be an ease job; but like many things it needs to be carefully planned out.

Lumber disputes between The US and Canada loom

For those of you that want to thoroughly investigate today’s blog concept we strongly encourage you to dig deeper and find out more for yourself. 

It is becoming increasingly possible that the cost of Lumber in the United States is about to take a significant jump upward, by some estimates as much as a thirty percent increase in the cost of Softwood lumber in the US.

Crazy tips for your home in the spring.

Today let’s look at a couple off the beaten path ideas that just might help you around the house this spring.

We have been noticing that the snow is disappearing and that’s a visual sign that winter is almost over and spring could be around the corner.  YES, it is time for you to uncover the grill and think about the “grilling season” that is here.

Our best friend. Let’s take good care!

Over the past couple weeks, we have been talking about kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, lighting and a huge variety of things for our new home that will make life better for us; well hopefully life will improve.  That is the plan!

Someone recently mentioned to me, “….how about our dog, how can we make the home more accommodating for our dog?” 

......the latest trends in design

Today’s blog post is going to be a pinch sexist as the conversation is somewhat limited to what men want in a new home.

For a long time, there were standing jokes about the “Man Cave” in the basemen where the bar, pool table, and large screen TV were located.  Surprisingly the “Man Cave” idea is waning and being replaced with spaces that are reserved for the man of the house.

What's the mood in your home?

In the past couple days we have looked at:

  • Floor Coverings
  • Kitchen design
  • Bathroom design

Lighting is the fourth significant area that will make your new home POP as an extraordinary home.  If you are buying or selling people always look at what makes an individual home standout as something very special; lighting is an important factor.

Mood and ambiance – any room’s mood or atmosphere is many times determined by the amount or lack of lighting.  Think carefully what type of feel you want within a room.

How about Floor Covering? It can make a huge difference.

The other day we looked at bathrooms and how important they can be along with The Kitchen in making your new home POP as something so special.

Today look down at what you are sanding on, the Floor Covering can be equally important to making your home one of those homes that stand out.

Look carefully at today’s photograph that was taken in the living room of a Vermont Modular Home.  In the main living room, there’s obviously hardwood floors.  The kitchen has Ceramic tile and if you look carefully the adjoining room/den off the kitchen is carpeted.