Our recent weather can tell us a lot.

The past couple days have given us some strange winter weather.  In the very recent days it has snowed, rained, wintry mix, back to snow, freezing rain, and then a last gasp of snow.

It seems as though one of winter’s picturesque images is that of icicles dangling from roofs.  They twinkle in the sunlight and are an iconic image of winter.  Many of us as kids vividly remember breaking off an icicle and licking on it as though it were a Popsicle. 

OK, one more hole in the floor, a BIG hole!

Every day we suggest you go look for this or go look for that; look here or look there.  It seems as though we are always using our eyes to find problems.  On Friday we talked about a hole in the basement floor, the useless basement cellar drain.

Today we suggest another approach.  We are going to suggest that you walk around the house on a particularly cold day.  For those of you that missed it, this morning it was a miserable 4 degrees outside.  Isn’t that awful!

Another hole in the floor, don’t forget this one.

A long time ago when your basement was built it was common practice to install a floor drain.  This drain was installed in case something awful happened in the basement, the drain would allow water in the basement to leave.  Things like a broken pipe or a washing machine leak would cause a minor flood in the basement and the floor drain would solve any problem.

Santa will arrive “down the chimney.” Is it clean?

Earlier today Vermont Modular posted a beautiful picture showing the nostalgia associated with sitting by the fireplace.  The picture’s caption said, “Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.”

There is another part of the fireplace that is often neglected.  Ask yourself this, “…when was the last time you had the chimney cleaned?”

Is Santa bringing you new appliances?

In yesterday’s blog post we talked about Energy Star appliances and how they can save a lot.  Not only are Energy Star appliances goof for your pocketbook but they are far better for our environment because they consume LESS ENERGY.

Are you curious how today’s photograph shows you new appliances?  Perhaps we are going to talk about appliances that are in the bathroom.  Huge amounts of energy and environmental impact come from your bathroom by:

Santa might get you new appliances….

This time of year it seems as though we are deluged with advertising that tells us this is the right time of year to purchase new appliances.  Well, it just might be the right time.

So when you are looking for those wonderful appliances that make life easier make sure you are always looking at appliance that are Energy Star rated.  The difference between an Energy Star appliance and one that is not rated can cost you hundreds of dollars more each year.

Window effectiveness depends on………….

In previous blog posts we have talked about R-Values that measure how effective at blocking Heat Loss the exterior wall of your home.  The “R” in R-Value refers to the insulation’s Resistance to heat loss.  Therefore, the greater the resistance the better the insulation is performing and that translates to the higher the R-Value the better.  High Score wins.

Window replacement as an upgrade

Sorry I missed several days’ of Blog Posts, but we have been all over everywhere in the past few days; it started with a one day business trip up to Portland Maine and then a job site visit to Killington and here it is Wednesday.

So, back to winterizing your home for the winter; let’s take a good look at replacing the windows in your home as a method of conserving energy, reducing Heat Loss, saving money, and doing something right for the environment.