What happens when it gets REALLY cold

Yesterday we talked about Cold Climate Heat Pumps and how pleasantly surprised I was to see it working perfectly at a clients’ home in Lake Placid.  Don’t forget that Lake Placid is one of the horribly COLD spots in the High Peaks of The Adirondack Park.  The owners were really glad that it was working perfectly all the way down to Minus Fifteen Degrees or -15 F, that’s fifteen degrees less than zero.  Yikes that is cold!

Is the Heat Pump Hot Water Heater a good deal?

Remember yesterday’s announcement that every new home from Vermont Modular now has a Hybrid Heat Pump Hot Water Heater included Free of Charge.  That sounds great but, is it really a good deal?

We went online and checked to see if comparisons have been made between using a Propane Fired On-Demand hot water and the Heat Pump Hot Water Heater.  Guess what; those studies have been done and we’d like to share with you the results.

Hybrid Heat Pump Hot Water Heater.

Yesterday we introduced a Brand New idea from Vermont Modular.  We are now going to include with every home a Hybrid Heat Pump Hot Water heater and that will happen at No Additional Charge!  Or if you prefer another term, it is FREE, an Energy Saving appliance from us to you!

A Hybrid Hot Water heater has several settings:

What’s new for 2017 from VMH?

In the next couple days we are going to introduce to you several very important features for a new home from Vermont Modular.  We are going to expand our Standard Options to include features that we are convinced are very important.

Effective immediately every home from Vermont Modular will have included as a Standard Feature a technologically advanced Hybrid Heat Pump Hot Water Heater.

Take a long and thorough look at today’s energy!

For the past several days we have attended the 2017 Better Buildings by Design conference in Burlington.  This is “…..the region’s premier design and construction conference, which features interactive learning about building durability, efficiency,….” sponsored by Efficiency Vermont.

For the next couple days I’ll highlight particular portions of what I took away from this conference to provide you with an insight as to what is going on in Vermont as far as Energy Conservation and Efficiency.

Let’s poke a hole in the ceiling and see what happens.

For a week or so we have been wandering around down in the basement closing up and sealing off spots where there’s Cold Air Penetration.  We’ve looked at the tub, basement drain, crevice along the top of the foundation, hole where the water line enters, and so on.  So today let’s go upstairs to the first floor and see what is going on there.

Down in the basement we are fighting Cold Air Penetration.  Up in the house we are fighting The Path that warm air takes as it tries to escape from your house.

Advice for this week.

If you check the weather report for the upcoming week you will see that we are in for a cold snap!

Let’s face it, so far this winter seems fairly mild; there hasn’t been much snow and it hasn’t been that cold.  The upcoming week is predicted to have single digit temperatures at night and never getting above freezing during the day.

Aren’t you thrilled that you’ve done so much to help with the Heat Loss in your home!  Of course there is still time to quickly help the battle against the cold.

The Chimney Effect in your home.

The whole idea behind winterizing your home is to save on energy costs, doing the right thing for the environment, and improving your own personal comfort – all of it centers around the simple fact that houses do have a Chimney Effect.