Captain Obvious, should he visit your home?

For the past couple days we’ve been talking about fixing the Cold Air Penetration spots in your basement.  We’ve looked at the huge hole in the floor caused by the bathtub drain and then moved on to the “never used” basement floor drain.

We think that both of those ideas are worth point out since they typically are big sources of Cold Air.

The Tub Drain lets a lot of Cold Air to enter.

Ok, so today is Halloween and probably most everyone is either putting the finishing touches on their costume or making sure there’s enough candy for tonight’s revelers. 

But, just in case you are worrying about the heating bill for the upcoming winter ….., we have a tip that will help you greatly!

And the cold air continues.

What’s the big deal with Cold Air Penetration?  Let’s face it most smart people shut, block, close off, and seal off most of the cold air from coming in.  It’s not as though we leave the front door open.  Remember when your mother would say, “….shut the door!  Are you trying to heat outdoors?” 

Cold Air Penetration 101.

So far we have talked about how Dense Cold Air basically forces it way into your home through all kinds of tiny cracks and crevices.  The air wants to force itself in because it is so much more dense and has a greater weight.  That weight pushes against the warm air inside and forces itself inside.

Today let’s look at some spots where the Cold Air Penetrates into your home.  Remember we are chasing those things that when fixed will make a significant improvement and are cheap.

Let’s talk more about thickheaded air. Oops, wrong dense.

For us to fully understand the concept of Cold Air Penetration it is important to wrap our minds around the facts of air being dense.

When the various molecules within air are all squeezed together very tightly the air is more dense or heavier or thicker or heavier.  How’s that for a profound scientific explanation?  Well, it is true, dense air is heavier and heavy things tend to fall downward.

Winterizing your home!

It seems as though local print media along with TV and radio are all broadcasting information about how you should proceed to make your home more energy efficient.  All this as winter slowly creeps up on us.

Over the next couple weeks or months we will make an effort to show you those things that are easy, effective and cheap.  We will also point out those helpful things that despite being helpful make absolutely no sense.

It is going to cost you more to heat your house this year!

Today we are going to lean on two long range predictions coming from The Energy Information Administration (EIA) and the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

The EIA is predicting that fuel costs this coming winter “…you will likely pay more to heat your home this winter than you die last winter….”

How about saving a lot of money!

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has just recently published their predictions for financial savings as America conforms to contemporary Energy Codes.

As all of you know Vermont Modular continually talks about Energy Efficiency, savings money, not contributing to Global Warming, doing the right thing for our Environment.  These are all key Core Values of Vermont Modular.