A Brand New Colonial Design, just for you.

The other day we mentioned that we will be introducing a NEW design, a NEW home that will be featured in our Portfolio.  Take a look at today’s Custom Design layout for a nice size Two-Story Colonial Home.

Today’s photograph shows you the layout for the first floor and tomorrow we will offer up the second floor.  Let’s take a look:

Our Design Center is ready for you!

In yesterday’s blog we showed you a new addition to our Website’s Portfolio, The High Post Colonial in Lamoille County Vermont, up in the mountains of northern Vermont.

We will be showing you a new home for our portfolio each week.  On Monday 6/3/2019 you will be introduced to another new home from Vermont Modular, see ya then!

Critically important for Seniors!

This past weekend was Commencement Exercises here at UVM, the local schools are getting ready to close for the summer, families are getting the kids ready for camp, and it seems as though everyone is planning their vacation. 

Most of our readers are busy with all sorts of family obligations so, for the next couple weeks or so we will be talking to our Senior Friends, actually they are my soul-mate.

More about decks

The other day we asked for a favorite part of a Two-Story Colonial home and the overwhelming favorite was “The Deck.”  I am going to guess that everyone is really anxious to get outside, fire up the grill, and cook some exciting summer food.  All this is fun and exciting, in today’s photograph we are looking at how decks can be built. 

In today’s photograph you are looking at two of the most popular methods of supporting a deck.

There is good news!

In today’s news there is a big piece of good news for American homeowners and/or prospective homeowners.

Freddie Mac is a US Government Sponsored company, a.k.a. enterprise, that purchases mortgages from banks and all sorts of lending institutions.  Once Freddie Mac owns those mortgages, they put them together into Bundles that are sold to all sorts of investors who are obviously looking to make a profit on their transaction.