It is that time of year to think about AC

Yesterday was Memorial Day a solemn day of remembrance, a day when we pay tribute to those that have protected our freedoms.

Memorial Day is also the unofficial start of the summer season.  And, after we have given homage and respect for those that served we can think summer.

Summer typically calls for Air Conditioning.  For years we would always hear, “….oh, it’s Vermont, we don’t need AC!”  But lately we have all been spoiled and want Air Conditioning in our homes.  Ok, but which one do we buy?

Adjustable v. Fixed.

When you are thinking about a mortgage one of the really big and important aspects to consider is whether you pick an Adjustable Rate or a Fixed Rate mortgage.

As of today (5/23/2018) the current Annual Percentage Rate for a conventional 30 year mortgage is 5.066%.  Be careful, these rates are constantly changing so you must check with your bank to see what’s going on.  Based on a $250,000 mortgage the monthly payment would be $1,352 each month with a total pay-back of $486,776 at the end of the 30 years.

Oh wait……, here’s something you might not have known about PMI

We have had a conversation about PMI going on for a couple days but, I am wondering if this is a good time to talk about another Myth or Fairytale about mortgages.

Many people are convinced it is better to buy PMI rather than putting more money down as part of the down-payment.  The logic goes this way……….., “….it’s only a couple bucks each month and we get to hold on to some of our hard earned money.”  So, does that make sense to you?

Like everything else it all depends.  For example:

The beginning of another project

Here it is the middle of May and work is well underway for several new modular homes from Vermont Modular.

In today’s photograph you are looking at a beautiful building site for a “Contemporary Two-Story Colonial” home in Lamoille County right here in Vermont.  Our new homeowners have done most of the site work themselves clearing several acres of what was a Hemlock forest to create what will be a uniquely beautiful home site.

Solar Panels on your roof.

Today’s blog is rather important to us as a company and we are reaching out to you for input and advice!  Please let us know your thoughts!

In today’s news there was an article that California has approved a requirement that every new home built in their state has Solar Panels on the roof.

setting a home is very exciting!

Yesterday we had a successful house set in The Berkshires of western Massachusetts.  This particular home was a completely Custom-Built home that reflects the owners’ individual wants and needs.  I will walk through some of the unique characteristics that are in this home.  This way you will see what can happen in your new home:

How about your first home.

Yesterday we talked about homes for folks looking at Retirement.  Today how about we take a look at families looking for their first home.

Normally, a couple or single looking for their first home are very tight on money and need to find the home that provides the “Biggest Bang for the Buck!”  Now it’s decision time, which to we choose a Ranch, a Cape, or a Two-Story.