Are you thinking of a spectacular Chalet ?

So, would you like to live in a Chalet Style home where the living room, the dining room, and the kitchen are all in one huge area with a Vaulted Ceiling?

Oh, come on!  You know today’s photograph is amazing!  As you lounge on the sofa watching TV there’s a wall of glass that looks out at a spectacular view of the mountains, The wood burning fireplace brings on a sense of warmth and comfort that is hard to match.

A brand-new bathroom

This bathroom is in one of our most recent homes from Vermont Modular.  This design for a bathroom is often called a “Hall Bath.”  Typically, this is not the master bathroom but rather a full-bath that is primarily for “the kids” to use.  Having a second full bathroom saves the Master Bath as a private bathroom for the owners only.

Let's look around the living room

The other day we showed you the finished Family Room where there was radiant heat in the floor.  Remember, we showed you one of The Boys coming to check out his new play room.

Well, today you are looking at the floor covering in the living room.  This is DuraCeramic from Congoleum.  We haven’t used this product much but honestly, I am impressed with the beauty and its durability.

DuraCeramic comes with all kinds of features such as:

Recent Plant Tour

This past Friday was an open house Home Show for all of the dealers to see the newest and latest advantages of homes that are “Stick Built” in the factory. 

The tour of the plant is always a fascinating adventure with an opportunity to catch up on the latest options and features that are now available.

Attending the Home Show for the dealers were Company representatives showing Window options, flooring options, ceramic tile options, and kitchen cabinet options.

For Example, did you know that:

And now the project is finished!

Earlier today on a beautiful sunny afternoon everyone gathered to celebrate the completion of another modular home project.

Right here in northern Vermont, Chittenden County to be specific, today was a fun afternoon to celebrate with the homeowners, the finish crew, and folks from Vermont Modular.  We had great pizza from a local wood-fired pizza spot along with Vermont Craft beers.

Our job starts when the home is built in the plant

Later this week we will be showing you photographs of a completed home that is in its final day or two of construction.  Tomorrow afternoon is the house’s “Coming Out Party.”  And, if I understand correctly pizza and “adult traveling beverages” have been ordered for this auspicious occasion.

With the big party coming up in a couple days we’ve been looking at that home’s progress through its construction. 

Virtually complete!

One of the most significant factors of a brand-new modular home is how very quickly the job is completed.  The photograph for today was taken towards the end of January 2019, or about 2½ months ago.  During that construction period several things were completed: