Material delays and it is apt to get worse

As we move more towards fall, let’s face it the first half of August is almost over, but as fall approaches it is time to seriously start thinking about building your new home.

In today’s email we received a notice that building supplies are in such high demand that everything is taking longer.  For example, did you know that :

More detail about finish work.

Yesterday we provided a brief overview of what will be needed to finish the work on your new home once the Set Crew has gently placed your modules on their permanent foundation. 

Today let’s start a slightly more detailed explanation of what goes on.  Today let’s take a look at what the Carpenter might be doing for you:

Now comes the finishing touches

As our story line continues we move away from the delivery and setting of the modules on their permanent foundation.  The next step in the process of completing your modular home is the all in the details.

Today’s photograph shows Pat and Gordon standing in their front door in Lanesboro Massachusetts.  (by the way, without the computer’s Spell Check I will never know how to correctly spell Massachusetts)  Today’s picture was taken immediately after they house was set on the foundation back in May.

the sequence of events for your new home

The last step we mentioned in the process of building a modular home is the delivery.  You will recall we showed you several trucks and their escort cars that actually deliver the modules to your property from the plant.

At the end of the delivery the trucks will leave and return to the plant for another delivery the next day.  Delivering homes is a never-ending process but, we do know that “your new home” is here and is ready to be gently placed on its permanent foundation.

Now it is time for you to play in the dirt.

So far you have picked out your land and cleared the trees if necessary.  Sometimes when your new home is going to be out in a field or meadow it is necessary to hire someone to mow down the tall grass and assortment of weeds, small saplings, and brush.  But, now the land is cleared, and we are ready for the next step.

The start of a new series “getting started”

For the past couple weeks, we have been talking about building a Vacation Home here in Vermont.  That series of blog posts generated a lot of enthusiasm and interest.  Therefore, we thought it might be a good idea follow up on that by walking through The Process of how you would go about building your new home.

As we head into autumn it is a good time to put your hopes and dreams into action; it is time to Start The  Process………………